How long have you been a vegetarian / vegan?!

Question: How long have you been a vegetarian / vegan?

I've been a vegetarian since November of 2010. I've been vegan for almost a month now and it is also going well. When I was a teenager, I was also vegetarian for around 6 months, but I was doing it for the wrong reasons (for a girl) and not for the right reasons (ethical, health, environmental, common sense...).

I was a vegan until I finished the salad and the main course arrived. Steak. Come to think about it, there were bacon bits in the salad, sorry.

I've been a vegetarian for about two months now, and it's going well. If you're considering going veggie, consider reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (sp?)

I've been vegetarian since late November of 1992, and vegan since early June of 2000.

i was a vegetarian for 7 months but i quit this past december.

Never. It's stupid. Animals are with us so we can use them. Vegetarians and vegans are just self righteous idiots.

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