vegatarian diet for 10 days and had diahera, quit still have diahera...?!

Question: Vegatarian diet for 10 days and had diahera, quit still have diahera...?
vegatarian diet for 10 days and had diahera, quit still have diahera... will this pass or should i worry ?


Most veggies have a lot of cellulose. Humans can't digest cellulose so it passes on through your system as fibre, increasing gas and possibly causing loose stool.

If you've added some meat back into your diet (beef is best, IMO), cut back on the veggies and are still having problems, give yourself a couple of days. Drink lots of water to flush that fibre out. If you don't get over it in a couple of days of eating meat, take some Pepto Bismol. Don't overdo that either.

What are you eating lots of that you did not before? If you just replace meat with a ton of dairy and eggs you'll have problems. If your fibre intake has increased significantly you may have problems. Try and figure out the problem. It may be that your body is just adjusting or that you have a bug or something.

Well now you see how bad it is to be a vegan...... yes eat rice bananas and bread and you should return to normal....but you MUST drink lots of water....dehydration is a side effect of this and can cause even more serious problems.
And by all means...we are get a cheese burger or a steak with body will thank you.

it will pass. its because you stopped putting protein in your body, and are only eating vegetables (or a fake source of protein). Your body has to adjust to the changes you are going through.

my own experience

You're probably not consuming enough fiber.

I bet it was the cow milk that gives you diarrhea. Cow milk can do harm to your health.

Eat rice and bananas and eggs.

anything like this you should go see a doc and get patched up

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