Do you think you could follow a vegetarian diet?!

Question: Do you think you could follow a vegetarian diet?
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No, because I don't believe it was the way humans have evolved to eat. Consuming more fruits and veg is always a bonus, but an omnivore can do that too and still reap the benefits of eating a balanced diet.

From what I've seen, veg*ns rely on too much processed food to make up for the lack of meat in their diet. Tofu, starchy pastas and grain-based foods, sugary drinks and snacks--just because they don't contain animal products does not make them healthy. I'd bet $20 that my grain-free, legume-free, processed food-free & dairy-free omnivorous diet is healthier than any vegetarian's.

Being a vegetarian is better than following the SAD (Standard American Diet), but is not optimal nutrition by a long stretch.

My nutrition from yesterday:…

Protein: Eggs, grass-fed beef, grilled chicken.
Nuts: Almonds & almond butter
Veg: Turnip greens & cassava root
Fruit: Whole apple & plantains
Drink: Espresso

I have followed an healthy vegetarian diet for over twenty years and became vegan a few years ago.I get all the protein i need from plant based foods. Eating meat is an unhealthy way to get protein, when you eat meat you are also consuming the hormones, fertility drugs and antibiotics that has been pumped into the living animal so you are consuming secondary vetinary drugs besides all the fat and cholestrial that is in meat.

Beans, as well as all eggs and dairy, contain EVERYTHING that meat itself has by way of nutrition.. all the protein, iron, calcium, etc..

Paired with healthy eating; vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.. we have no nutritional issues that meat-eaters believe we have.

Meat is not needed in the least... if meat were needed for humans to be healthy, all of India and most of Asia would be dead by now. Indians and Asians are the highest vegetarian population in the world, and always have been.. they're also generally very healthy.

Vegetarian for years, raising a vegetarian son

After 2 attempts I was unable to stay on a vegetarian diet however have been able to stay on a vegan diet no problem. My understanding from research is that dairy products, especially cheese is as addictive as drugs like crack cocaine so if one continues to consume dairy from animals they remain addicted to animal products. I have never been happier and had more inner peace since eating plant based nutrition.

OK, well seeing as you are coming over here with intent to troll full of false information, allow me to refute it for you.

excellent source of protein

As are legumes, tofu nuts and many other vegetarian foods.

has many vitamins and minerals

Meat does not actually contain very many vitamins at all. And there is no nutrient in meat that cannot be found from a vegetarian source.

First meat can help build strong muscles because the protein in meats are building blocks for growth and repair of body tissues.

Oh, so how do you explain this guy, who's vegetarian:… Animal protein is NOT the only way to build muscle, there are entire forums dedicated to vegan bodybuilding.

the second reason is that meat helps with energy because the iiron in meat is necessary for blood to carry oxygen throughout the body for energy. Also, the certain type of iron needed by the blood for energy is only found in meat.

So how come I'm not dying of iron deficiency? I've been vegan for several years. I know a lifelong vegan. Neither of us uses iron supplements. Vegetarian sources of iron are perfectly adequate.

And one othe reason is simplicity. Diets that don;t include meat must be carefully planned to have proper nutrition.

Nonsense. Any healthy diet requires proper planning in order to get trace minerals like iodine, selenium etc etc. It is no harder to plan a vegetarian diet.

The bottom line choosing a meat diet is a easy way to get all the nutients you need for a good healthy diet

And choosing a vegetarian one is also an excellent way to get a health diet.

Sorry, but you might want to educate yourself before bringing your ill-informed and idiotic opinions on to a public forum. Clearly you are just regurgitating what you have read and have no real clue what you are talking about.

I'm a vegan of five years.

If meat had health benefits, we wouldn't get sicker proportionately dependent on how much of it we eat.

Protein is in plenty of other foods.

There is no vitamin or mineral found only in meat.

Iron is readily-available in dark leafy greens, for instance, without the fat and cholesterol.

I've been a vegan for years. Requires no more special "planning" than a healthy omnivorous one would.

The bottom line is that the nutrients found in meat are readily-available elsewhere, from healthier sources, and nutritionists and doctors RECOMMEND vegetarianism, as it has many health benefits.

Sure I could, many days I do. I just don't want to every day. I am a healthy omnivore and the meat that I get from hunting is fresh, lean, and mostly free. I see no reason for me to stop eating meat.

I have been vegetarian all my life, never has affected me in any way. I know people who are life long vegetarians, no problems at all.

Of course! I did for about a year and a half...until my doctor told me that I became anemic and protein deficient. But at least I got birth control out of it! Ha.

True story.

Hahah im already a vegetarian so =/

pretty much everyone in this section is a veg*an already, so i think they can

i can, its not really hard for me.

Have been for 6 years. It's all a matter of will power.


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