If we all became vegans what will?!

Question: If we all became vegans what will?
Happen to the animals..?
Not so much as the working animals more like cows,sheep ,pigs,chickens,deer etc etc..


They would just gradually stop being bred. A lot of vegans believe if the whole world went vegan their would be no more world hunger and everyone would be wonderful. With no meat eating their would be no livestock being bred. Rotating ruminate animals over pasture for short period of times greatly improves the soil fertility. With no livestock their would be no manure to fertilize the land. This would cause a decrease in the amount of crops the soil yields.

It won't happen overnight. These animals will slowly stop being bred. The specific breeds that we use for food will likely cease to exist. There will still be wild varieties of all these animals.

Wild animals that are hunted may have an initial surge in population when the hunting stops but that will even out as they compete for natural resources.

If someone snapped their fingers and everyone became ethical vegans,
those animals would probably be allowed to live out their natural lives in healthy happy environments.

But that's not going to happen.
It will be a gradual phasing-out process.

I doubt they'd exist. Who'd rear pigs, sheep etc if there was no financial gain in doing so? No-one, I guess.

what county of cloud nine are you living on

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