what does tempeh taste like?!

Question: What does tempeh taste like?
It's the one soy product I haven't tried yet.


Tempeh is my favorite soy product. Before you marinate or season it though, you should steam it to help rid it of the bitterness and to make it more absorbent to the spices. It's got a nice nutty flavor and a meaty texture.

Generally, it has somewhat of a bitter edge. Tempeh comes in many different varieties, and each batch of it that is made can vary significantly, so each package that you buy will taste slightly different. I don't recommend that you eat it alone with no sauces or marinades, as the taste might be displeasing by itself. I find that you can cut the bitter edge a little by steaming the tempeh for a short time before using it like you would normally.

Tempeh is very delicious when prepared properly, and you can use almost any flavor with it. It's also really healthy for you, so you shouldn't be discouraged if you try it and don't like it at first. You can experiment with many different methods of preparation, and I'm sure you'll find a way to make it delicious.

the taste is fine in dishes with other flavors. but the texture is what gets me. i hate it.

meat free for 17 years

Not sure

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