About how much weight can I lose in 3 weeks of being raw vegan?!

Question: About how much weight can I lose in 3 weeks of being raw vegan?
This includes exercise everyday, and also no bread. I just kind of want to get an idea of how much weight I can lose.

Thanks! Any tips would be great!


Being vegan helps stay away frOm certain foods you need to avoid while On a diet, but also you may become sick or have less energy when first becoming vegan, which interiors working out. It happened to me when I first turned vegan along with a bunch of people I know. But if that doesn't happen it all depends on the times you eat and your calorie intake. I'm not working out but I'm intaking 1000 Cals and not eating after 5 and I lose a pound. But I know people who eat less than me and work out and still don't lose weight! It depends on your body. Eat a lot in the morning and very little in the afternoon

Veganism & vegetarianism isn't about silly diet fads to temporarily lose weight, there is a bonus that many do lose weight. But i highly doubt somebody jumping into veganism/vegetarianism would sufficiently eat varied foods especially if weight-loss is the reason why.
If you want to lose weight do excercise & cut down the junk food you eat its really quite simple unless you're looking to specifically build muscle for endurance/power THATS when plans are needed, i'm virtually a sloth at the moment due to exams coming up & whilst i've lost my toned body the past 2 months, i'm in no way fat or over 80kg, i however eat a varied diet & amn't looking to lose weight.
If you go into vegetarianism for weight-loss reasons chances are you're going to come out feeling pretty crappy, how bout instead of eating whtie bread eating healthy seeded brown bread? more filling, more nutritious & healthy overall for you.


It's not a weight loss diet.
EAt bananas, peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, soycream, raw seeds and avocado pie with oatmeal crust and raw butter, and you may even put on weight.

LEt's say you will lose however many calories you're not going to eat. It's totally impossible to tell.

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