Does the Federal Government require students to eat certain things for lunch at school?!

Question: Does the Federal Government require students to eat certain things for lunch at school?
I just moved to a new school a while ago and I am a vegetarian. The first day I said no thank you to the meal with meat (the only option) and the lunch lady snapped at me and basically threw it on my tray. I have just been letting her give me the meat every day because she is very intimidating to me, until today I talked to her. I said no thank you again to the food that she offered (I usually just eat the side and a salad and fruit) and she stared yelling at me about how "if the Federal Government walks in I will lose my job!" and I "Have to take it." So even if this is a rule, shouldn't I have rights to get a meal at school too even though my morals are different? What do you think would be a good thing for me to do about this? I really don't want to start bringing luch either, it is too hard for me. I have a hard enough time trying to find something to eat for dinner (I am the only vegetarian in my family) Thanks so much!


If i were you I would talk to a school counselor about it and ask them what you or they could do. explain that its a life choice and you should not have to change your code of ethics to eat a school lunch. then maybe your counselor could help you. the voice of a staff member is sometimes stronger than the voice of a student. if your counselor can't do anything trying moving to the next staff member up all the way to the principal.

vegetarian kid

Absolutely not, your lunch lady is full of ****.

The school might fire her if she doesn't serve you the meal, but the government can't do anything if you refuse to eat it.

Just take the meat and trade it with someone else, or throw it away and bring your own lunch.

she is lying, and they do have to offer you a meal that meets your morality. I would suggest you go to the principal and explain your situation. My son always brought his lunch when he went to public school so it was a non issue for us. Your parents wont pack you a healthy vegetarian meal?? That seems odd..

Lunch ladies have supervisors. Ask to speak to hers. Or just go to the principal. You could save that meat for some other kid. I don't think it would be a law...that sounds a little too fascist for our government. I'm not sure though.

That was the rule back in elementary school for me. That doesn't mean you can't bring a lunch. I'm in middle school now and they three choices one without meat and your required to take three or more items

Tell her you're a vegetarian. If she still doesn't get it, tell her you're a Muslim or whatever it is that doesn't eat meat exhibitA


My middle school used to sell grilled cheese sandwiches in addition to the regular lunch - doesn't yours? I'm not surprised the lunch servers won't give give you a partial lunch. If you can't get your school to offer a vegetarian option every day, I think your only choice is to bring your lunch. A peanut butter sandwich and an apple won't be too hard. If it is, you might just have to wait to become a vegetarian until you're mature enough to be responsible for your own meals.

Hi there, im a vegetarian too!
I know your pain i get yelled at by the lunch lady's sometimes when food is put on my tray like hamburgers or sloppy joes. Well you see the federal government by law is supposed to offer a vgetarianan alterinative meal for students like you and I. If they dont they can get in trouble. Usually though its like a fruit salad or chicken alfredo without the chicken over it. If you can talk to an aministraittor about this, they can bring it up with the principle so they can provide you with an alternitive meal. Goood Luck! :)

vegetarian who attends high school

Obviously, the people answering don't know much about the National School Lunch Program, which was established in the late 1940s, or National School Breakfast program, which was established in 1995.
programs provide low cost or free school lunch meals to qualified students through subsidies to schools. The program was established as a way to prop up food prices by absorbing farm surpluses. Schools participating in the program comes in the form of a cash reimbursement for each meal served. Schools are also entitled to receive commodity foods and additional commodities as they are available from surplus agricultural stocks. school Meals sets standards for menu planning, mealvrequiements, and nutrition standards.

Yes, our government does! Every elementary school is REQUIRED to offer 2% milk at every single meal if the school districts want to get reimburrsement from the federal government. Even students who are in lunch programs are required to take the milk in order to eat. School employees cannot give a student their lunch unless the student takes the milk along with it. You can't substitute the milk for something else like a bag of chips.

Yes, this is our disgraceful FDA and USDA at work. For the past 60+ years we have subsidized a "food" that is one of the main causes of this nation's #1 killer: heart disease. They are cronies for mega food manufacturers, especially the meat and dairy industry. No evidence to this day says that milk benefits bone health. And Don't get me started on all the billions of dollars tax payers pay for agriculture subdidies.

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