Can you still call yourself a vegetarian if...?!

Question: Can you still call yourself a vegetarian if...? eat a vegetable soup made with chicken stock?


technically that's not a vegetarian. however, i know plenty of people who usually don't eat any meat but occasionally slip up and eat soup or ramen or something that contains meat (in the flavoring or broth) and they didn't realize it or whatever. id still call those people vegetarians because they're making a conscious effort to not eat meat. being a vegetarian shouldn't be about the label anyways.

The term vegetarian as used most commonly is technically called 'lacto-ovo-vegetarian', meaning a diet that includes no meat, but does contain dairy and egg products. Additionally, people are 'vegetarian except fish' are called pescetarians.

Since chicken stock contains meat from chickens, it doesn't fit under any of those classifications.

You can easily substitute chicken stock out for veggie stock, making a better choice for your body and the planet.

You can call yourself whatever you want, but if you eat meat, or animal products, or something from meat or animal products, it becomes misleading for those who do not know at all.

That would be chicken vegetable soup, even if there are no chunks of meat. This is why In inquire about soups. If it has a meat broth in it, then it is not vegetarian.

No! Vegetarians don't eat any meat (including fish and poultry) or slaughter by-products of any kind. Finding vegetable stock or broth or bullion is really really really easy and it is also easy to make your own as well and it can be very cheap. You can also use water and seasonings and come up with a delicious broth.………

Vegan because animals are not property

You can call yourself whatever you want,
but technically, that would not be considered "vegetarian."

You can call yourself the Queen of England if you want to.

Vegetarians don't eat animal stocks.

nope... if an animal has to die to make the food, its not vegetarian (its not just the actual meat that matters)

no. try using vegetable stock instead. it adds a better flavor anyway.

meat free for 17 years

No!!! A vegetarian doesn't eat meat, chicken stock has chicken in it.

no, it's chicken stock, made with chicken fat.

Chicken stock is made of meat, hence "CHICKEN".

Not unless chicken's a veggie. And last time I checked, they weren't..

no. this is a silly question.

Yeah. Some vegetarians eat seafood, some don't. The term "vegetarian" is kinda loose, like the definition of math, science, time, etc.

yes ur still a vegetarian if u do that

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