How do you feel about ALL YOU CAN EAT PLACES ?!

Question: How do you feel about ALL YOU CAN EAT PLACES ?
How do you feel about those places where there are piles and piles of different food and they offer a menu that entitle you to eat all you can.

There is a great deal of waste in those places because some think they should pig in several times and just pile the food in their plates and leave most of it untouched. Then return and do the same thing! I think it is outrageous and a lack of awareness that there are so many people starving in the world who could use that food. Of course once it has been in your plate it cannot be served again. I believe this is one of the greatest waste in America. What do you think ?


I tend to can never eat enough to make it worth the price of those places, so I never go.

It's not just all-you-can eat places, it's ALL restaurants. A majority of places, by LAW, are required to throw out all un-used food. Because of psychos that will sue a restaurant if they get day old burger, they're forced to waste all the food that COULD have been given to a homeless shelter. Blame the b?tch that sued McDonalds for hot coffee...

It depends on how you look at it. If your a all you can eat owner you know it will bring the people in the door and generate some good cash. The big issues or question that comes to my mind is how do I feel about having a heart-attack at 40! Most of us try to avoid places that are going to feed us and kill us at the same time, but I know it helping keep someone in a job during this tough economy.

I think they're fine if that's where you choose to eat. Why not? Generally they're fairly cheap and a reasonable value for the money.

What are you? The food police? If people don't want to pay the money or like the food, they won't eat there and the place will go out of business.

We do waste a lot of food in the US. But people in other parts of the world are not starving because we waste food. They're starving because of political/ethnic problems. When you come up with some way to make ethnic groups love each other, let us all know.

I have been to an all you can eat place quite a few times. I ate my fill and then left, just as did the other people. I have never seen any waste. Like I said I ate, I was full, I left. People can waste food in any restaurant.

I don't like them. You usually pay a pretty high price to eat, and the food is usually poor quality. It may be fun or cost effective for people who can eat a great deal at one time, but I don't enjoy it at all.

A wise man once said that the only places where a buffet is acceptable, is Vegas or Reno. Mostly buffets are disgusting because of the waste and the overindulgence.

This doesn't happen in Italy.

The waste in America is to be ashamed of. You guys waste so much food, and it is disgusting.

I've only eaten at a all you can eat restaurant once. The atmosphere left a lot to be desired. It was years ago and I didn't think about the food being wasted like that, but now that you mention it, I can see your point. On the other hand, one time I was at Sizzler and had chosen my meal to be the salad bar. I saw what appeared to me to be bacon bits, so I spread them on quite liberally. Guess what? They were red pepper flakes! Being a person who has never been wealthy or even close, what do you think I did? I ate that salad, removing some of the pepper flakes, cause I didn't want to waste food.

Most of the waste is done by the customers. If they take more than they can eat, then the food is wasted as you describe. If they overeat and become obese, that is still waste as that it is of no benefit to them and potentially harmful.

There is really no direct connection between starvation in other parts of the world and these places. The food cannot be sent from these restaurants to other parts of the world. Although some restaurants will donate unordered food, that has never left the kitchen, to local soup kitchens.

Some people overeat because they were told as children that they had to eat everything on their plate because poor people in other countries were starving; that is was a sin to waste food. As I pointed out, overeating is really wasting food also.

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