Vegan poll: Compassion or Logic?!

Question: Vegan poll: Compassion or Logic?
I realize that your answers will have a little bit of both, but one will be more prominent than the other.
Vegans, was your decision to become vegan made out of compassion/sense of justice or educated facts/logic?

BQ: Who was your favorite animal cartoon when you were a kid? :)


It began as compassion, but as my life progressed as a vegan and I did research, it is more logic now. Everything I have read supports my initial decision.

This is an absurdly false dichotomy.

non-human animals are identical to human animals in the capacity to feel pain, fear, and suffering,
and there is no justification for torturing and killing an animal that would not also apply to a retarded person.

It's a sense of compassion that motivates people to stop contributing to suffering once it is logically recognized as no less-legitimate than our own.

Um. I liked Foghorn Leghorn, I guess.

The stereotyping of ethical veganism's underlying reasoning as "Save the fwuffy cute animals!" is still quite prevalent.

Logic, but I suppose it was on a foundation of compassion. If I didn't care about the impacts on animals either directly through their use in agriculture or indirectly through the environmental impacts of livestock production it would not be logical for me to avoid livestock products since I would be free to make selfish choices without any cognitive dilemmas or emotional consequences.

vegan biologist

I suppose logic... I didn't really choose to be vegan, but I've been told to cut out dairy products for health reasons, so I'm just trying to do what's best for my health. I chose to be vegetarian for health reasons too, so again probably logic, though I do agree with ethical arguments as well. But to be honest, if not for the health benefits, I wouldn't be veggie just for ethical reasons.

Compassion for sure was the origin of my veganism. Once I started finding out more about veganism and the lifestyle then the knowledge helped keep me away in those 'cheese craving' times.

Ultimately a combination of both keep me vegan, but compassion was at the root.

Logic I suppose...I went vegan partly to lose weight, everything else followed.

Roadrunner I think.


Homer Simpson


Instinct, and commonsense.

Cartoon-my father when he was lying.


Not vegan but if I was my answer would be logic.

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