is this good for u or will my body go into shock?!

Question: Is this good for u or will my body go into shock?
i was a vegetarian for two and a half years but i survived on vegie burgers which are kinda fattening.

my parents are now making it where we have no red meat or junk in the house.

will this help us or what?
cause after i was done being a vege. i ate pure meat


Definitely will not make you go into shock if anything it will make your body tone up and skin improve.
Really the only way you cant get protein is from not eating there is protein in practically everything.
Junk Food deficiency? Not gonna happen :)
It'll help your body not hurt it

don't really understand your question- do you mean you're now going to eat meat the whole time.

Will what help you? Eating no junk food? Yes, I don't understand what that has to do with vegetarian burgers. Plenty of things have fat in them but wouldn't be considered junk food. You can also get lean burgers made of soybeans and TVP.

You should be fine if you get enough iron and protein. I suggest iron supplements and soy protein. And remember, they won't know what you eat outside the house :)

your lucky you didn't go into shock from eating only cow corpses. Sounds like you have caring, concerned parents who want to stay healthy. Ask them!

I think it is bad for your health.

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