Would you like more information regarding caviar production?!

Question: Would you like more information regarding caviar production?
Yahoo has more holes than a Swiss cheese! I have been unable to add the following details to my recent question about caviar production, but wanted to include them for members' information, as a number of answerers were of the belief that fish are killed to produce caviar.

Extract from Wikipedia:

"Nowadays most commercial fish farmers extract the caviar from the sturgeon surgically (compare caesarean section) and then stitch up the wound to keep the sturgeon alive, allowing the females to continue producing more roe during their lives.

Other farmers use a process called "stripping", which extracts the caviar from the fish without surgical intervention.[23] This is the most humane approach towards fish that is presently available but not all farmers use it due to the lack of knowledge in this field."


For the record: No, I don't and never will eat caviar! I in no way condone the way fish are treated in the production of caviar. This is just an academic discussion.


That's sick. I knew about the fishing of Sturgeon but not the cutting and sewing. It's completely sick.

Fishing is the most barbaric farming practice. It makes me sick. Even out in deep ocean fish are broken in two, beaks and fins and tails snapped off then dumped back. Sharks are hacked to pieces to get shark fin soup= their fins and tails are sliced off then the bodies, still living, are dumped back in the ocean- the huge fish can't swim, feed or move, they simply sink to the bottom and die slowly, it's totally disgusting.

I don't know why there is disbelief at the information, I easily found this link

Milking ( or cutting open ) the sturgeon is common and they certainly can be farmed.

not entirely true. sturgeon is a deep sea fish, the process of catching the fish & bringing it to the surface will kill the fish. Sturgeon can not survive in low pressure environments.

I don't know who posted that on wiki, but their information is flawed.

Just to add to that. The Russians made farming sturgeon illegal about 4 years ago.

Your information is incorrect. So, no, I wouldn't put any faith in anything you post from now own.

The information is wrong. Sturgeon cannot be farmed hence you cannot just keep catching and releasing it after "surgery". And as someone said, Russia already outlawed Sturgeon fishing. Any practice that is on going cannot be classified as "industry standard" .that can be used to vilify the industry as a whole. Any more than I can use slave labor hiring and practices in US crop farms as a standard to condemn the whole fruit and vegetable industry.

Wikipedia is, in any case, not a reliable source of information because the "facts" are mere submissions of various authors. While it is true that sometimes, references are quoted, the actual lines printed can be nit picked to appear in a totally different context of the original print. Also consider that the Wikipedia founder has close ties and is associated with PETA. and Ingrid Newkirk.

"Stripping" is used on salmon, not sturgeon. Salmon are placed in oxygenated clover oil to render them "drunk" and "pain free". Their bellies are then squeezed to extract the unfertilized fish roe. Note the same "squeeze" method mimics the fish own "belly squeeze" in order to lay eggs. The fish are then returned to fresh water to "recuperate". Tests done after show that there is no physical harm or damage to the fish because of this process.

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