Is it possible to eat a food(s)?!

Question: Is it possible to eat a food(s)?
i dont knwo, please be serious i never tried it before and my mom keeps telling me i look like i stick! thats so rude! what does she mean?!?!?! any is it possible to eat food, because usually i order clothes from and my favorite is the strawberry shortcake clothing...mmmm. tasty...but i dont know what a food is. please tell me..



You ever heard the phrase "feed yourself"? Well, it is a literal term. Take a small bite out of your -inserts random body part here- and feed yourself..
This is food(s)
Good luck!

Thanks a lot.
You're welcome.

The vegan.

You know what they say..A bird in the hand doesnt poop on your head.

hope this helps :D


I make love to mountain lions, does that count?

Are you ok in the head?

Wait... what?

What?! WTF you been smoking'?

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