Question for long-term vegetarians or vegans?!

Question: Question for long-term vegetarians or vegans?
Can you give me an example of what you normally eat in an average day?

And the times you eat it?

I don't necessarily need recipes, but I would like to know very specifically what you are eating and when.

I'm especially interested in people in their 30s since I am 36, but anyone who has been a vegetarian or vegan for at least 6 months is welcome to answer.

Thanks :)


I've been veggie for four years now, and vegan for a few weeks.

Times differ based on what time I get up and when my lectures are etc. but I'll try to give a rough idea.

Between 9-11: Cereal with almond milk, toast with dairy free spread

Between 12-2: Sandwiches with dairy free spread, salad, marmite or vegan cheese OR soup and sandwiches, with a piece of fruit and sometimes crisps or nuts or a chocolate biscuit.

Between 5-7: I try to eat something different each night of the week... Pasta with tomato sauce, stir fry and rice, quorn burgers and chips/potatoes, quorn mince and veggies in wraps, homemade pizza without cheese etc. Dairy free yoghurt and fruit to finish.

Between 10-12: Marmite or vegan cheese on crackers, toast or biscuits.

I might have a cereal bar, carrot sticks or biscuits throughout the day as a snack too.

I am in my thirties and I have been vegan for over 6 months. A typical day will go something like this:

Breakfast: 7am Steel cut oats with agave and cinnamon, strawberries, 1/2 cup coffee with organic soy creamer.
Snack: 11am Campari tomatoes, hummus and flax crackers.
Lunch: 1pm-ish Whole pinto beans, mashed potatoes made with garlic, salt and pepper (no oils or dairy) and this awesome sauce I make with roasted tomatoes, jalapeno, Anaheim, onion, garlic, lime, coconut milk and seasonings.
Snack: 4pmish (if hungry) green apple or pumpkin seeds
Dinner: 7:30-ish Black bean burger on sprouted whole grain bun with tomato, lettuce, mustard, organic ketchup, daiya vegan shreds and avocado.

I work so I prep all my food on my day off. I cut fruit and veggies, prep sauces, beans and potatoes. All I have to do is put a plate together and reheat!
I also have a whole set of sweet teeth so I love vegan dark chocolate and baked goods on occasion from my fave vegan joints.

My brain and a compilation of many recipes from books and online or any other vegan food lit I can get my hands on.

A bowl of cereal with soy/almond milk, always unsweetened. Or oatmeal. Or leftovers. Yesterday I ate a bowl of granola with some almond milk. Usually with a smoothie or some fresh juice.

A sandwich with some avocado, sun-dried tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and maybe a boca burger or make a veggie burger, or a quesadilla, or make something I'd probably make for dinner and eat it as lunch. I tend to do that. Or a salad with baby spinach, nuts/seeds, cranberries, and sliced apple.

For dinner I usually make something different every day or so. Maybe a curry, soup, pasta, stir-fry. Tonight I am going to make a curry noodle stir-fry with tofu which has been marinating overnight in a mixture of light olive oil, curry powder, garlic, rice vinegar, ginger, and soy sauce.

Specific enough? The times I eat always vary, but on a good day I will eat breakfast around 9-10:00, followed by lunch around 1:00, and dinner is made sometime between 6-8:00.

tea with soymilk
more tea
more tea
raw oats with raisins, grated apple, soaked in apple juice ( not cooked oatmeal)
or fresh tofu with fruit- peanuts sunflower seeds, all that on top.
about lunchish
bananas and dried fruit, dates and figs are big with me- also flax seeds and sunflower seeds which I m addicted to. Roast chickpeas, roast fava beans-I sometimes have all that for lunch.

Spinach, green pea, papaya, tomato, baked tofu cilantro salad with curry sauce,
Soaked lentils sprouts with raw bread, marmite and earthbalance, roasted tofu steak and raw mushroom with garlic and soycheese stuffing for dinner.
OR soup, gazpacho, white gazpacho with raw sprouted bread, earthbalance,
Sometimes I cook noodles and have with fresh marinated tofu and bok choi, corn, daikon, green peas and soysauce. I go for every type of food, I like raw, it's mostly raw. The cooked stuff is minimal- often because it's much easier for me to pile up with normal good food and I can't be bothered with cooking stuff to make it taste worse! Some things are nice cooked, but most things taste better raw if you prepare them and do them right. Healthwise it's better for your body, which loves a raw diet ( found out by default, not intention).

Hi Down With Bottled Water!

I am also 36 and have been vegan for 17 years. I like my junk food for sure but, I also make sure that I get high nutrition from whole foods every day.

In the morning I usually have:
Mixed grain porridge made of whole amaranth, barley, Millet and my favorite Bulgur!
Fresh fruits like bananas or berries (usually mixed in with the porridge with almonds or Hazelnuts)
Tofu Scramble with fresh veggies and herbs
Coffee or espresso and water

Sandwiches (sliced fresh tomatoes, Onions, Haas Avocados, Red Bell Peppers and Veganaise or mustard)
Potato Chips/Crisps (Yes, I know)
Chili (Red or Black Beans, Pablano and Chipotle Chiles, Onions, Garlic, variety of veggies)
Water and/or Coffee

Quiche (made of tofu and Asparagus, Bell Peppers and Mushrooms)
Mixed Veggie stew (Usually with Lentils)
Lasagna (vegan of course) or Pasta with Baerluach Pesto or Marinara
Indian or Thai Vegetable Curry
Coffee or Espresso

It ranges from typical meals such as banana on toast, beans, chocolate, eggs, pasta, nuts etc.
To more exotic types of indian dishes that uses raisins/cranberries/sauces/herbs etc.

common misconception that vegetarians cause they don't eat meat have to live off salads, theres a ton of food out there to experience & blend

For breakfast i have cereal with soya milk or wholemeal toast with marmite. Lunch would be a salad sandwich and soup or jacket potato with beans. In the evening i have pasta with vegetables and a tomato sauce, homemade curry with rice or a stir fry with noodles. I snack on fruit during the day.I have been a healthy vegetarian for over 20 years and a vegan for 2 years.

7:00 am: Kashi cereal with soy milk
9:00 am: Silk soy yogurt
10:00 am: Hard boiled egg
12:00 pm: Tofurkey on a potato roll with mustard
1:00 pm: Nutrigrain bar
2:00 pm: Piece of fruit
3:00 pm: Kashi snack bar
5:00 pm: Dinner like tofu with vegetables or a myriad of other things
7:00 pm: Mandarin oranges

sometimes I have another bowl of Kashi or french fries.

I used to be a vegetarian, i would buy these soy meats from wal-mart, it was like hot dogs, hamburger patties made out of soy :3 and i would eat peanuts, and of course anything that's not meat :o

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