Does PETA make life hard for normal vegans?!

Question: Does PETA make life hard for normal vegans?

No, but some of their stunts can give vegans (and vegetarians/ animal activists) a bad name. Being vegan isn't really that hard, and they do provide good recipes and tips.

But sometimes I wish they'd tone down a bit.

Gives the rest of us a bad name because uninformed idiots automatically assume any piece of information we know comes from "Peta propaganda". It gets a little bit redundant to be honest. They are a joke and it's sad that true animal activists, animal welfare people. and vegans and vegetarians are all painted as being PETA followers. An overwhelming majority of educated vegans/vegetarians dislike PETA.


It sometimes gives vegans a bad name. The stunts that PETA pulls can scare some people, and then when someone hears that you're vegan, they say something about how bad that is, thinking PETA is an idol of all vegans. Which isn't true

Yes. They think we are all loony, letchy sluts thanks to Peta. I can't stand Peta they are disgustingly sexist and arrogant organisation. I would much rather give my money to charities that are actually doing good work.

How would they?

I've never met an official PETA member,
but I support them whole-heartedly.

They are a bit too conservative for me, though.


Carrot juice is murder...…

I don;t think so - they are not normally connected to vegetarians in people's mind anyway.

probably scares a lot of people, and makes a lot angry also.

No they aren't.... they are making ppl aware of the abuse that goes on in & they say the best way to help is to


regwah: that is an awesome video

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