Can you recommend a good vegetarian alternative to bacon and chicken (made without any egg)?!

Question: Can you recommend a good vegetarian alternative to bacon and chicken (made without any egg)?
After reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer Safran I had to change my eating habits, starting with removing meat from my diet. I love to cook for my family and now I find myself searching and experimenting with a whole new genre of cookery. It's challenging to try to replace old favourites with vegetarian alternatives but I'm up for the challenge! One of my children has an egg allergy so a lot of supermarket alternatives are no good. Hope you can help. Many thanks!


You can make your own, try for ideas.
Asian grocers may have mock chicken, but not all are egg free. You ned to find a producer or importer you can trust who will tell you which have egg and which don't. Here's an example, these bad boys are delicious! :…

Redwood make vegan bacon but it isn't great, tastes a bit papery. I mean I'll eat it, but am just as happy not to.

I agree with Emma, my cousins aged 6, 9 and 13 all had to stay at my house once and I made them Quorn chik'n nuggets and they loved them. They couldn't tell the difference, and although they are a bit pricey and on the smaller side, they are delicious. I put them in my wraps and salads. You can also buy fake bacon called facon or fakeon, but it tastes a little too smokey in my opinion.

Boca is also a great brand to check out.


Redwoods bacon from Holland and Barratt, it is vegan so contains no egg. And redwoods also do chicken nuggets that contain no egg, chicken pieces which can be put with stir fries etc, or chicken slices for sandwiches. Redwoods do a great selection, they also have a website.

you can check out their selection there, and you can order from the website :)

Quorn make THE BEST fake meat ever!! They have these things called chik'n nuggets that in my opinion taste better than the real thing. They pretty much have a fake version of every meat. They are kind of pricy though.

Boca makes good "Chik'n" nuggets and patties. They are egg-free. And Lightlife makes "Smart Bacon." It's tasty, and also eggless.

Dulse has some of the savoriness of bacon. It's a sea vegetable. Sort of expensive but it's good.

Watch the ingredients of quorn I think most of it contains egg. Sorry, I don't have anything more useful to add though.

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