I want to become a vegetarian but.....?!

Question: I want to become a vegetarian but.....?
I want to become one becuz honestly i dont eat meat so much and i dont really have an appetite for it. But I've never attempted to become a vegetarian and I'm not really sure where to start. Like what do they usually eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? What should I buy at the grocery store?


i am trying to go vego too :) that's really great u dont hav an appetite for meat. i do so its very hard for me. you can either gradually cut out meat or you can go cold turkey (or cold tofu lol).. you should get adequate amounts of protein, iron and vitamin B12, B6 folic acid. sources of protein include tofu (bean curd) and nuts and vegetables and in brown rice, oats and buckwheat noodles (very yummy), v B12 comes from tempeh and mushrooms and iron from heaps of greens, like spinach (yummy with non diary butter!).

for breakfast you can have some porridge with soy milk, (you can have dairy - cow's milk and eggs if ur going vegetarian, and non-dairy if going vegan, but remember that in the milk industry they have to kill new born calfs just so that humans can have the milk, and if u hav eggs please buy organic free range only, so birds are not stuck in cages as big as their own bodies and given hormone and crap so their legs break and they endure a life time of horrible pain and suffering). or you can have things like fruit, rice congee with tofu, spinach and mushroom omlette and heaps of other things!

for lunch, soba noodles (buckwheat isn't wheat so its fine for gluten intolerant and celiac) topped with vegetarian mock meat, often made from soy or other vegetable protiens, but should check for wheat content if intolerant/allergic, or you can hav a vegetarian bimbimbap which is sooooooo yummy, its a korean dish and full of yummy mushrooms and delicious flavours that you mix in with beautiful fluffy short grain rice. orrrr there's things like dahl which is an indian dish with lentils and chickpeas, very nutritious and yummy.

for dinner you can have things like quinoa salad with black olives and mushrooms and dairy/wheat free orange cake with soy cream! mmm :D

in the grocery store, you can buy anything in the vegie section (i like to buy asian vegies for a fast and simple stirfry with tofu), and you can basically buy tofu and lentils, chick peas and beans and nuts for protein. you can even buy things like vegan burger mock meat patties at some supermarkets, which is predominantly made from lentils n things. you can use that or tempeh on a wholemeal rye bun and top with sweet chilly sauce! mmmmmmmmm!

remember that being vegetarian doesnt nessasarily mean healthy. please don't live on bread, milk, cheese and chips! if you feel abit strange for the first week or so, your body may be detoxing. that means that its releasing alot of toxic materials that may make you feel abit funny. but if u feel abit sick after 2 weeks please speak with a nutritionalist. *tip: often in natural therapy schools, they have student practitioners who charge like $5 a visit!

good luck!

long time intolerance to wheat, dairy and potato, and vegetarian/pescatarian for a month, former yoga teacher


all animals, like us, should have the right to live a life with basic shelter, food and water... without pain... without trauma...
at the very very least...

I appreciate that you are going to be vegetarian. For this purpose, you should have religious mind. You have to read various books related with vegetarian. Many scientist were vegetarian, they had good and excellent mind and they became popular. Other thing, eating meant is not good for health as well.

You are to eat three meals, at ordinary times, you can fry some tomatoes, green vegetables, etc, often do not eat meat, that to you are in bad health.

Vegetarian means you do not eat meat . . . so don't eat meat.

Going vegan means anything that is a product from an animal (eggs, cheese, milk, etc).

Its scientifically proved that heavy breakfast improves your memory power and health too. So better be vegetarian after noon.

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