Do you think, I should stop being vegetarian?!

Question: Do you think, I should stop being vegetarian?
Im a 22 years old girl. My weight is 70 pounds, and I have been vegetarian in 10 years. Do you think I should stop be it?


hi, not at all, You have to select the vegetable, some of the vegetables are oily and fatty. So, you should eat those kind of vegetable which are fit for you. don't stop being vegetarian.

No, it just sounds like your not eating the right foods, which is extremely important for vegetarians to maintain health (including proper weight). You should be eating more protien rich foods to increase your weight. Here's a website I found helpful for maintaining my weight on a vegetarian diet:
It's also constantly updated with readers comments. You should call your doctor as well, give them a run down of what u eat on a daily basis and your weight and they will probably give the specifics on what u need to eat to maintain a proper wieght. I'm a vegetarian and was worried about losing weight but I've been really paying attention to getting the right nutrients and my weight hasn't changed.
P.s. Your diet may not be he contributor to your low weight, alot of things could be a factor such as thyroid problems or even parasites. I'd go see your doctor to figure it out

you have a wrong idea,not to eat meat will certainly add fat, meat contains a lot of nutrients, is necessary to body,it can balance your diet, if you has been a vegetarian, will be bad for your body, also may be your weight gain.keep your diet you needn't insist on a vegetarian.

if it works for you and you are happy, then continue

if not, consider the traditional asian diet. not sure if this is an official term but I call it microcarnivorism. For traditional asians, meat is not used as a food but a flavoring. Example is the traditional small amount of meat or fish plus vegetables and rice. A comparison would be a steak + mashed potatoes versus mashed potatoes with small bits of meat like corned beef or bacon bits. The meat gives flavor and some protein

You have to look at other things too, like have you always been small, and like your BMI.
(on the BMI I'm "underweight" but I'm perfectly healthy, because my size is just how I am, my dad's tall and skinny...)
Try to gain muscle. I haven't lost any weight since being even semi-vegetarian (about 7 months), but since I started playing soccer at school, we went to the weight and stuff and all the running, I gained 9 lbs. from it.

I'm vegan

no. you just have to eat more. you are MUCH healthier being a vegetarian.
click this:
and look at all the health facts near the middle

You shouldn't stop if you don't want to, but your weight seems dangerously low. You need to research some more and create a balanced diet so you can gain some weight.

No, just eat peanut butter bagels, fried cheesey rice, noodles with cream and butter, chocolate malted milkshakes and some hummous every day.
Be sane.

eat a well balanced Vegetarian diet and you will be fine

25 years Veg*n and counting

non veg food provide many essenial nutrients like diffrent form of protein which vegetarian food may nt provide

Vegetarianism does not equal eating disorder. Eat more before you die.

You should not stop, but I think sometimes you should eat some meat. So can make your body nutritional balance.

No but you are underweight unless your like 4'0 tall. Just eat MORE of the good foods, and you should be fine.

i think being a vegetarian is good thing

Maybe, depending on your height you could be underweight.

Not if you don't want too, just eat a good amount of protein and carb

No, just eat better/more.

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