Want to become vegetarian?!

Question: Want to become vegetarian?

I am 15 in May and I am against eating meat but my Mum mocks me when I say I want to be a Vegetarian and says animals were put on this Earth to be eaten - I disagree. I want to start a Vegetarian diet and could you list some foods that will see me through an exam without my stomach rumbling (as it's embarrassing). I know this outline is a bit all over the place but I am in a rush.

Easy 10 points if you give good advice.



Hi! I've been a vegetarian for a while.
So I'm assuming you're not a pescatarian? Just a flat out vegetarian?
So the trick is to have your diet full of COLOR. :D
Eat salads (with balsamic vinigrette or some other light dressing, try to stay away from creamy), brothy soups, etc.
Some good snacks are:
carrots with hummus
fruit salad
greek yogurt (the best thing ever!)
and so on.
You can also munch on peppers to fire up your metabolism. Make sure that you eat a good amount of beans, as you'll need protein from cutting out meat.
One recipe that i made up on my own is Potato stir fry. It's cool because you can go so many ways with it. :)
Okay, so what i do is I cook a potato in the microwave while i chop up onions and garlic and sautee that on the stove. I also put in spinach.
Then when the potato is done cooking I take it out and chop it up into peices and throw it into the pan with everything else. Sometimes i put a bit of salsa in there also. (:
You can add peppers, broccoli, cheese, etc.
And like someone else said, you can always google vegetarian recipes.
Just make sure you're a HEALTHY vegetarian.. I know that sounds weird, but i know some people who consider themselves "vegetarians" but they just live on junk food. :(
Hope i helped!

Help me on mine?
I'd really appreciate it!

The best thing you can do is to keep your diet well rounded. Honestly, when my boyfriend became a vegetarian, because he payed more attention to what he ate, he became much healthier. Good things to have in your diet are eggs, beans, peanuts, tofu (if you just cut up some stirfry vegetables, ginger, and cook with the tofu with peanut sauce, it's delicious, cheap, healthy and fast), and lots of dark green vegetables.

Wholegrains are filling, nutritious and should keep your stomach from rumbling. WHolegrain rice, pasta and bread, and oats are all good.

I suggest you read up on vegetarian nutrition online to make sure you're getting everything you need. Being vegetarian is a healthy way to go ONLY if you plan a healthy diet.


Hi! Here's some websites for you:

Heyy I really don't have any food suggestions... but I just want to offer you some luck! I know what it's like for a mom not to support a choice for vegetarianism and worse yet to mock and scorn it. But if you hang in there I promise it will get better! sometimes that just means getting over what other people say and doing what you think is right. Good Luck!!

The best foods you could eat would be sandwiches(without meat) and some cereals. Crackers, vegetables, fruits...it also depends if u are against eating dairy products aswelll.

Animals eat humans, humans eat animals.

you can look up vegetarian recipes on google. they have some decent stuff on there

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