As a vegetarian, would you eat meat grown in a petri dish?!

Question: As a vegetarian, would you eat meat grown in a petri dish?
and if not, why would you object?


Providing the meat is fit for consumption healthy and caused little to nor harm to obtain the cell for growing the tissue culture, then I'd have no problem to those saying lab made meat is disgusting and unhealthy, where do they think quorn comes from or alcohol? Or half the.products used in their hair? It's mainly lab creations
I'd have little moral objection to it but the scenario as of yet is science fiction & so I have no need to put thought to it anymore than our future spaceships polluting the universe


The unethical, corrupt, ''unbiased'' thugs working in the FDA will legalize meat grown in laboratories settings. I know what you're talking about, but the meat would not be vegetarian because the meat needs to be preserve in BOVINE blood inside its petri dish in order to ''grow.'' The FDA executives have already approved milk produced by cloned cows for human consumption. ViaGen, a company providing gene banking and cloning services, gave the following description of the cloning process [often referred to by its specific name, Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT)] on its website.

The FDA possesses excessive regulatory authority. They have poor management and manipulate their research data mainly in relation to the review process for medical devices. FDA's regulatory process is inherently biased against approval of some worthy drugs. the FDA covered up exportation of unsafe products. The agency approve unsafe food additives and processing technologies. FDA allows unsafe drugs on the market because of pressure from pharmaceutical companies, fails to ensure safety in drug storage and labelling, and allows the use of dangerous agricultural chemicals, food additives, and food processing techniques.

People need to realise that lab grown meats aren't intended for vegetarians, there for meat eaters who refuse to quit eating animal flesh despite the enormous environmental costs of producing them in the quantities we currently do. It is hoped that cultured meats will be able to provide a more sustainable alternative.

As a vegan I would not touch this because animal products are required to grow cells. I don't really know anything about the specifics of growing "meat"; but I do know that to cultivate tissue from stem cells or cloned cells, animal cells are required. This is because a stem cell differentiates into a mature cell based on the chemical signals it receives from neighbouring cells. Without using stem cells or cloned cells I don't know how they will be able to culture meat.

Currently lab grown meat is little more than science fiction (google "chicken little").The trouble with meat is it isn't just muscle cells, it is also fats, nerves, and connective tissues including blood and all the cells, hormones and other chemicals which were in the blood. How are they going to reproduce all those in a way which is consistent with a lump of dead flesh? I have no idea.

vegan biologist

1. I am presuming to grow, the meat would to be "fed" and watered, and this is a big objection to eating meat in my starves the world of grain and fresh water.
2. Its unnatural and sounds pretty rank.
3. I do not personally feel healthy when I eat meat, so I still wouldn't eat it.
4. I oppose genetic modification and this is most definitely genetic modification.

I guess it would depend on how 'alive' this meat would be. If you are growing meat, in a petri dish or not, the implication is that it is a living creature. The definition of meat is 'the flesh of an animal used for food'. So if what you are growing there is a real animal, then no way. It is an interesting question though.

I'm vegan. I wouldn't eat meat grown in a petri dish because the idea disgusts me. Even when I ate meat, I wouldn't have eaten it.
Now I'm vegan, the smell, look, texture and taste of meat in no way appeals to me - no matter where it comes from. I couldn't eat something that is flesh of any form without wanting to vomit.

Gross, I don't need a moral objection to say that I wouldn't eat meat grown in a petri dish. That is just disgusting, at least people can make the argument that meat is healthy because it comes from an animal. Meat grown in a lab makes me shudder, what the hell would go into making that?!


The primary reason that some people choose to be vegetarian is not because they think it is immoral but because they believe that eating meat is unhealthy and that a plant-based diet is the way to go. this could be why someone might not want to eat meat even if it is grown in a petri dish.


Im a meat eater and even I wouldn't touch Petri Dish grown meat...That sounds so disgusting. Almost like a parody on cafeteria or prison food!

If your gonna eat meat...natural, organic or self hunted is the way to go.

As a vegetarian, I would not eat meat grown in a petri dish. Vegetarians don't eat meat, silly.

I prefer natural meat.

friendofchip, meat is not rubbery, its not chewy, and humans digest it just fine. lol

Definitely not. But then, I wouldn't eat a vegetable grown in a petri dish either, unless there was no alternative.


It's disgusting.

no, meat is rubbery chewy indigestible crap.

Meat grown in a petri dish....isn't that what Spam is? *barfs*


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