I'm I starving myself?!

Question: I'm I starving myself?
Ok well I've been on a diet for about a week and a half I eat once mayb twice a day but I don't eat chips bread cakes French fries well any junco food or fatty foods some time I go 2 days with only eattin a yogurt or oatmeal my boyfriend says I'm starving myself I'm I ???


you need to eat healthy to lose weight. your boyfriend is very smart. you can't expect to stay healthy only eating yogurt and oats. you need protien, vitamins, grains, and plenty of exercise. diets DO NOT WORK! the only way to lose weight is to exercise and eat healthy while still watching your calorie intake. cardio will help you burn fat too

To be healthy as a vegetarian you need to eat a big handful of nuts every single day and at least three serves of dark green leafy vegetables a week.

You should not suddenly go on a diet where you hardly eat, this is not good for you. I actually find that as a vegetarian, I eat more than a lot of omnivores, but I still don't put on much weight.

You will put on any weight that you lose through crash dieting. It is much better for you to cut fatty foods out of your diet and replace them with healthier versions and eat at least three meals a day.

All the best. :)

you DO need to eat bread for the whole grains, and you need to eat six small meals throughout the day to keep from depriving yourself. Yogurt is good for you, but plain yogurt and not fruit on the bottom yogurt. It's good that you don't eat junkfood, but atleast have a big splurge atleast once a month. that's what I do and I'm fit as a professional athlete, no joke. don't forget to excercise too!!! :D


yes you are and after awhile of that your body will either just shut down on you or you will have to eat something more significant and then your body will 'store' it for starvation mode. Most people say anything under 1200 calories a day is starvation but i think its more like 1000 a day. Please dont starve yourself, just eat more fruits and veggies you dont have to eat junk food if you dont want. Good luck and i hope this helped!

Yes, and it can't last.
It could end up you bingeing late at night, or bulimic behaviour, or just reacting and eating everything in sight. It may be fun while it's new, but give it a few more weeks- you'll be very bored.

Instead of not eating, eat something healthy like brown rice with steamed kale. Or rice with one hard boiled agg and some broccoli.
Yogurt or oatmeal is good for breakfast, but what about the rest of the day?

Am I* and yes you are, it is not healthy to skip meals and not eat once a day. The best way is to get on a real diet plan and excercise.

big time just eat healthy foods most people like you that want to be on a diet starve themselves you need protein and carbs if your looking to lose weight then dont eat foods with high fats

i work out and know a lot about nutrition

You can be healthy and NOT starve yourself, your boyfriend is right just because you can eat a lot and not starve yourself. Just make sure you have 2,000 calories diet each day.

You're not eating garbage, therefore you're starving yourself?

That's funny logic.

Thats definitely not enough food.

lf u wanna lose weight, u wont achieve by not eating, but by eating really healthy food.

Yes, you are.

i don't u are. just eat healthy food and stay away from junk food and u'll be good!

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