What kind of cereal is best for a vegan?!

Question: What kind of cereal is best for a vegan?
I'm going to be staying in hotels and i'm bringing my own food. I need some cold cereal that isn't useless. Does anyone know of VEGAN cereal that is actually nutritional?

I don't eat any general mills brands because of the situation with the palm oil a couple years back. I'm still pissed off at them for being so misleading!
I don't eat anything with honey either.


Well then what you want is sprouted buckwheat with some dried fruit. which is my abso fab favorite with some raw almonds and almond milk.

I like organic puffed millet sold at health food stores w. almond milk. Inexpensive, add a banana, and some almonds. When I travel I take sturdy fruit like bananas and apples, and various types of nuts for my protein.

Shredded wheat bitesize

shredded wheat- the mini ones, are so good. Just one ingredient, you can't really go wrong. They taste so creamy with ice cold almond milk..

Hi maybe a a whole oat cereal you can just add hot water to like quaker oats whole wheat oat in the canister.

kaia foods has 3 types of yummy sprouted buckwheat granola

raw vegan

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