Do vegetarians swallow?!

Question: Do vegetarians swallow?
My friend and I thought about this in religious Ed. Do they swallow sea men?


You'd have to have a big mouth to swallow Sea men. As for "semen", it has nothing to do with being vegetarian. We don't agree with exploiting animals (including humans) so unless you knock a guy out and blow him against his will (which is exploiting him) then swallowed, there isn't a problem.

For future reference, learn how to troll properly by using spell check. It makes your job being a moron a lot easier.


I'm amazed, truly amazed that you HAD a thought. To answer your question, as you worded it, how can any human, vegetarian or not, swallow an entire human being whether his vocation is working on or in the sea?

You see, my friend, in order to be funny or humorous, you have to be intelligent so that you can properly word your material. Otherwise, you just make yourself look ridiculous like you just have.

Is your nickname Goofus by chance?


Absolutely (:

wtf :s

lmfaooooo this made my day

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