What would be a great conclusion for my vegetarian essay?!

Question: What would be a great conclusion for my vegetarian essay?
In the United States alone, more than 10 billion animals are slaughtered for food each year. The majority of them are kept on factory farms, where the goal is to raise as many animals as possible in the least amount of time and space. The animals we eat are capable of experiencing pleasure, fear, and pain. I honestly believe few people would continue eating meat if they were required to watch the process of animals getting slaughtered.

Federal law requires the animals to be stunned prior to slaughter. This law is almost always broken, causing unnecessary pain and suffering. Many of the animals are skinned and dismembered while still fully conscious. “They blink. They make noises. The head moves, the eyes are wide and looking around.” A slaughterhouse worker says.

Foods from animals contain their waste, including uric and lactic acid. Before adding ketchup, the biggest contributors to the flavor of a hamburger are the leftover blood and urine. There are also over 20,000 different drugs including sterols, antibiotics, and growth hormones that are given to livestock. These drugs are consumed when their flesh is consumed.

To most people, the idea of chasing down, slaying, and consuming freshly killed meat is repulsive. To eat decaying flesh, like a vulture, is unthinkable. Even if the meat is cooked, most people are disgusted by the idea of eating a slab of horse, rat, or dog.

Studies have shown that with the proper vegetarian diet, you won’t need to worry about deficiencies. There is no nutrient necessary for human functioning which can’t be obtained from plant food.

Some people feel that they can’t abstain from eating meat because they enjoy the taste of it. There is an ever growing line of mock meats, which not only are delicious, but extremely healthy. They’re high in plant protein, low in saturated fat, and contain no cholesterol.

theres the essay, all i need is the conclusion and im having a hard time coming up with something good. please help, thanks


Such a good essay! I don't force my beliefs on meat-eaters or anything like that and I would never try to convert someone to vegan/vegetarianism. However, when meat-eaters in my family try to force me to eat meat or say completely absurd things about protein, etc. even though they get far too much on a meat diet (in most cases) and any other things that they think is true (even though if a veg'n was to try to convert them they would be completely appalled) this is exactly what they would need to read!

Note: This is for the meat eaters I know (I'm surrounded by omnivores who think I'm crazy and going to die for not eating meat haha) I have no issue with meat-eaters or anything like that, after all it really is a personal choice.

Anyways, maybe you could try something like this:
Knowing where your food comes from and what it does to your body is something that many people are unaware of. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice that has been proven to increase lifespan, lower obesity, and promote a more healthy and active life. If people were made more aware of the abuse and mistreatment of animals, not to mention how unhealthy, and how brutally it was produced that the food that is in front of them is, I believe that a large portion of people would no longer eat meat.

(Or something like this, it just kind of poured out haha)

Good luck!

Sorry i cant help you there but thats a great essay that just about covers everything.

Most of what you just said are opinions.

Your conclusion should restate your thesis which should be at the end of your first paragraph. If your thesis actually is "I honestly believe few people would continue eating meat if they were required to watch the process of animals getting slaughtered" then your thesis should restate this in other words (but be succinct) and your main points. Honestly this essay sounds like you are actually just trying to convince someone they should not eat meat (and in that case you should make this your thesis).

Other advice: make sure you are backing up all of your statements with cited facts. When you make claims like "To most people, the idea of chasing down, slaying, and consuming freshly killed meat is repulsive" make sure you are backing them up. I'm not attacking vegetarianism, as I am a vegetarian; however, I do know plenty of people that would disagree with this statement. Make sure you use as many facts as possible and the fewest amount of "opinion" statements possible.

Vegetarian, Graduate Teaching Assistant

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