are m&ms vegetarian?????????!

Question: Are m&ms vegetarian?????????

No. Apparently they contain rennet and a red dye derived from insects.

Hi Cassidy, well actually m&m's are made with chocolate on the inside, and a hard crunchy layer of some substance on the outside. The coloring is dye. I don't know if you are vegetarian or not, but if you are m&m's are okay to eat.

But remember they are junk food, so you shouldn't eat them everyday only every once and a while or on special occasions.

Hope that helps! (:

Shelby <3


Lily, milk is vegetarian as it comes from the cow, but is not flesh or rennet, bone char, etc. Vegans are the ones who would not consume milk as vegans do not consume animals or animal products.

Personally, I don't eat M&Ms, because in addition to the milk, the chocolate has been loaded with sugar and then covered with artificial colors and artificial flavors. For good chocolate, find some dark chocolate with no milk and preferably organic and Fair Trade. (This is my favorite chocolate: However, the Silk Light Chocolate soy milk is good, too.)

Uhhh is the coloring meat? I dont think so. So you can eat them all you want.

No, it is not a vegetable.
It's junk foood...


No there is red meat inside it

are you dumb?
chocolate is made with milk....and you know where milk comes from????
A COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no offense but you are not very smart

dont EVER call me babe!
and i dont care. youy are STILL dumb!

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