what is a good reason for becoming a vegetarian?!

Question: What is a good reason for becoming a vegetarian?

Vegetarians on average live 7 years longer then omnivore humans. And vegans live 12 years longer.

Animal production is a good reason, a lot of the farms and slaughter houses are far from humane.

There are also a lot of great alternatives out today for those who have chosen to become vegetarian with alternatives.

Vegetables are cheaper than meat

BUT. if you choose to do so try to 'wean' yourself off meat. any abrupt diet change is realy unhealthy and for me, developed a lot of allergies. be careful!

Aside from the obvious reasons which would be it's healthier for you and you'd be helping save the lives of animals there are at least 50 other reasons. But your health is the most important being a vegetarian prevents disease. Consuming meat has been linked with cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and many other diseases. It's cheaper and good for the environment.

It's extremely healthy, you can get all you need out of vegetarian diet or even vegan.
You'd be amazed & disgusted at the terrible suffering animals go through, they do feel pain.
Paul McCartney said- 'If slaughter houses were made of glass, the world would be vegetarian'.
Look up some animal cruelty web sights that connect with animals humans eat.
And yes you'll live longer & if you eat properly feel better in general.
Give it a go, give it a chance, you'll end up loving the taste.
Google Why become vegetarian or 21 reasons to become vegetarian, for more insight.
Don't listen to them - it is healthier - it does reduce your carbon footprint - & so much more.

It reduces your carbon footprint.
You will get less cholesterol in your diet (no cholesterol in plant foods! Though eggs and dairy do contain cholesterol if you are still consuming those).
Certain health benefits to a fibrous, grain and veg rich diet though you can do this whilst still eating meat if you cut right back on how much you eat.
Less cruelty in your name.
Less contribution to sickeningly cruel farming and fishing practises that destroy the planet.
Less chance of getting food poisoning (ever heard of salmonella or mad cow disease coming from tofu?)
IME you pay more attention to your diet and are therefore likely to eat better. Obviously this depends on you as an an individual.

ETA: I know you like to play the pedantic old codger, Deer_wanker but the fact of the matter is in the vast majority of cases the omnivore has a larger carbon footprint. "Ooh, but I'm the exception I live in the woods and hunt my own dinner" doesn't really cut it for the vast majority of people living in cities. You are the exception to the rule, so stop using it to try and make a valid argument, because it doesn't.

ETA: LOL, how old are you? You sound like a 12 year old, but you're a senior. Mature.

I honestly can't think of any health reasons not to be a vegetarian. By not eating meat I'm not contributing to the factory production of meat, the excess methane that cows produce, BSE, cuts my chances of heart disease by 30%, my blood pressure is excellent despite being overweight..........

None, the human species are carnivores as well as herbivores. Our bodies are meant to eat meat, it's our highest intake of protein. Without meat your body will become weaker. I suggest you read up on some ex-vegetarians who returned to eating meat, all because their bodies were deteriorating.

For me I can't think of one.

I eat meat and am quite positive my carbon footprint is far less than most vegans/vegetarians.

Where are your sources Valentino Flores? Other than a vegan web site?

Squishy I will make any argument that I want. Try and stop me.

the good things are the vegetarian substitutes are a lot healthier - to some extent.
and you also have the peace at mind that no animals have been harmed through the process!

Some people feel bad about eating animals. That's the only reason that makes any sense to me.

There are no health benefits to being a vegetarian.


you won't be a murderer. http://onision.net/index.php?/topic/4143-so-youre-going-veg/
scroll down to the middle and read all the facts. that should be enough:)

Health, environmental issues, animal-rights, ethics, and eating some awesome new foods. :)


How factories treat animals

I suppose it's healthy, but I wouldn't do it. I tried for like a week and caved. Gotta have meh bacon (:

It is very healthy and it is less common to get sick (:

there are loads of reasons and you only have to pick one

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