How to get vegetarian back to eating meat?!

Question: How to get vegetarian back to eating meat?
I know this sounds horrible thing to make a vegeterian do. My bf has been vegetarian for 10yr. He says its healthy. But he is a really big( tall) guy and 19. I think it is bad for him to only eat egg and little other stuff for his protein. So is there a way to convince him.


It sounds to me your really just worried about him, if he doesn't eat enough protein maybe try to get him to eat hummus PB tofu and other vegetarian protein alternatives. Also if he's weak and tired all the time maybe time to get him to the docs for a check up and the doc can advise a healthy diet as well.

Why on earth would you try to "cure" a tall healthy dude by forcing him to eat something he hasn't eaten for years?

It's incredibly patronising. Sorry if that appears rude, but he's 6'5". He can't only eat salads, and what's more it certainly didn't stunt his growth.

Could you not take this as an opportunity to see things another way? I respect if you think he would be better off eating meat, but how?
He's tall, 19 ( so no chance it affected him during adolescence)
and what more he goes out with you , so he obviously has sense and incredibly good taste, dignity, wisdom and integrity, compassion, broadmindedness and character. I salute him and all he's done thus far to be delivered into the arms of such a wonderful woman.
He must be doing many things right, no?

Wow, you're pretty ballsy (or crazy) to ask this in the vegetarian forum of Yahoo Answers. Surely you realise that most people reading this will be vegetarians who have realised it is wrong to torture and kill animals and destroy the planet to eat meat. You have no right to tell your boyfriend what he should eat - if he is tall it sounds like his diet since he was nine has been working out for him and he is fit and healthy. He does not need meat for energy or 'hunger problems'. All nineteen year olds get tired and hungry - it's to do with hormones. Who are you to say it's not good for him? Are you a doctor?

Not only don't I think you should turn your nice boyfriend into a murderous omnivore, I think you should change your diet too. Broiler chickens grow so fast that if they ever tried to walk their legs would break. Is that what you want to encourage?

I really hope you change your attitude and leave your boyfriend alone.

How would you feel if he tried to force to you to be vegetarian? Leave him alone, just because you think its not healthy doesn't mean you're right and as long as he is eating a variety of veggies, fruits, grains then he shouldn't have a problem. Please educate yourself on vegetarianism before trying to change him into something he's not, its extremely selfish of you.


Read up on the vegetarian diet. It's actually very healthy if done correctly. Also, respect your boyfriend's choice. It's a perfectly legitimate one, and I doubt you'd appreciate it if he started trying to force you to change your diet. Show some respect for him, and for goodness' sake, do your homework before you make these kinds of assumptions about nutrition.

There's no reason for concern. If you don't like Vegetarians, don't date one.
If you say it's not wrong, then why change him?

If you eat meat, I'd be more worried about your health, first. It wouldn't be any better for him to eat meat, he's fine now. If he gets hunger issues- he can always have a little more. It's not like salads, soy, and faux meats are bad for you.
Oh: you posted this in the V&V section, you're going to get answers like this.
Also, please learn grammar. I can barely read that.

What you think is "healthy" or "unhealthy" may not be true. Nutritionists exist because you have to go through plenty of schooling to truly understand what someone should and should not eat. If he has seen a nutritionist about his diet and the nutritionist has approved, then his/her authority exceeds yours. If not, however, I suggest he *does* go see one. That's the only way to know for sure.

I dont think you will be able to convince him. Nagging him, about anything, might convince him to find another girlfriend. All you can do is be a model of health the way you eat and perhaps he may change but, if not, thats ok too. Too many girls think they can change guys and it never works.


No, there's no way to convince him. You could talk to him and tell him you're worried about him. Ask him to eat some meat for a week and see if he's stronger and not so tired. If he refuses, get over it or get another boyfriend.

Ok, I was a vegetarian and then no more cuz i felt realllllyyyy weak! Talk about weaknesses, no way it is not healthy to only eat vegetables! Meat is the most important thing in your life, very healthy!

i think u shoudn't do that
they have their own personal beliefs and its very difficult to convince things like these
also by eating beans and milk products vegeterians do get their nutrients

He's fine the way he is. You obviously have no respect for his opinion, why should anyone respect yours? Doesn't feel too good, does it? Leave him alone.

Sounds like the poor guy needs a better girlfriend, not a better diet!

You have no clue what you are talking about.

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