Raw food recipes organic/vegan?!

Question: Raw food recipes organic/vegan?
I want a recipe that I can uncook with besides a salad, soup or smoothie. I have agave nectar, cashews, goji berries, cacao powder, cacao nibs, hemp powder, chia seeds, dates, bananas, apples, mangos, almond milk, coconut oil, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds, any idea what I can make with this?


I'm so happy, just discovered this category and stumbled upon this question! You have unlimited possibilites, my friend. Dates are excellent for desserts! For a yummy raw snack, take some dates (with no pits, squeeze them out if you have to) and throw them in a food processor. (if you dont have one, just squish em together.) add cacao nibs, a little almond milk, cacao powder and grind up those flaxseeds in a coffee grinder. Whip it up and form them into chocolate flax date balls.
this might take a while to read so il just make up names for the recipes in my head and list them here:
cashew, almond milk, coconut oil flax and sunflower seed pie crust-form after putting ingredients in a food processor
Add banana slices to make an awesome banana pie or maybe try making it creamy with almond milk.
make hot chocolate with almond milk and cacao powder, or keep it cold i suppose.
mince up all your fruit and form little tarts with the pie crust. Make the crust with cacao powder to make it chocolate and use mangos to make chocolate mango tarts. add a bit of cayenne.
sorry i can only think of sweet stuff...
maybe blend goji berries and cacao nibs into bars to make a high energy snack.

my imagination!

you don't really have much to make cookies or a bread with- like oats, nut flour or a dough.
You have granola items- but only seeds and nuts, it may be very bitty.

Can you pulp the dates, and the cashews and made granola bars with them. Add flax seeds, sunflower seeds, some coconut and top with coco and agave. They'd be slightly sticky sweet fudge-type blocks though.

If you can get any oats or soaked lentils- then you could mash them up to make a crust of some kind a nd then make a cashew and date pie....
even an avocado would help= make a coco paste pudding with that and the coco.
THen eat as a pudding with cashews..
try adding the coco, crushed, to the mashed banana, add diced apples and top with cashews.

If you have a dehydrator, and some raw soy sauce, you can make the famous flax crackers that everyone raves about:

With those other ingredients, and assuming that the coconut oil you have has a buttery consistency (mine does), I would make Cacao Goji Hemp Bliss Balls - they are so delicious and healthy. http://goneraw.com/recipe/cacao-goji-hem…

(If I were you, I would even add a tablespoon of Chia seeds)

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