Any raw food bloggers?!

Question: Any raw food bloggers?
I love reading my friends blog But I was wondering if there were any other raw food bloggers out there that I could check out? And if you haven't, check out her blog, shes just starting, but she is pretty good!


i LOVE raw food! :D
though i avoid it some times because of the high fat content from seeds, just the sheer beauty with which raw food is prepared is amazing!

Raw food is not good for you. I'm not the typical closed minded person, believe me. I eat only organic, fresh, whole foods. But you needs some cooked foods, especially if you live in a place where it gets cold ever. Research Chinese medicine. Too much raw foods is too cold and yin. It's just about the temperature of the food your eating. Cooking actually changes the constitution of the food so that it has a warming effect on your body, even if the food itself isn't hot anymore. This is necessary to have balance within your body, or disease will develop. You can still eat clean foods, but some white rice and steamed veggies would benefit you greatly.

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