Fruit only diet Good idea?!

Question: Fruit only diet Good idea?
I want to start eating fruit only because I don't feel like other creatures should die for me to live.
The only food I can think of is fruit, because the plant does not have to die when you take the fruit from it. Problem is, I don't think this is very healthy. I could eat nuts, but what else? Could I eat eggs? Dairy? I'm not sure if eggs are fertilized, the ones we eat. Or do the chickens just lay eggs all the time?


the ones that we eat are not fertilize because they dont have a baby chicken. you can drink diary as well. only if you want to be vegetarian can you eat eggs and diary. if you want to be vegan you cant. also fruit only diet is not good. and if you want to go on this diet for the rest of your life you need to get vitamins from your doctor because we do need protein and various other things in your body. hope this helps and good luck!

vegetables you could eat too- if you can only think of fruit, add veg and beans ( another plant food)
potatoes, mashed potatoes, fries and ketchup, potato and leek soup, potato cakes with onion and garlic and peas.
Peas, carrots, corn, broccoli, leeks, cauliflour, yams, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans, green beans, lentils= you can eat all kind of vegetables.
Grains- pasta, bread, oatmeal, granola, rice , noodles, all of these are plant foods- and don't require animals to die.

Tofu, peanut butter, mushrooms, almonds/butter- eat all these things- they're all fruit and vegetables and all full of healthy nutrition.

Consider the raw food diet, where you primarily eat fruits and vegetables, as well as raw nuts.
Here is a link for more information about it:

Also, it is a good idea to meet with a nutritionist or dietitian before you make drastic changes to your diet.

You may want to gradually work towards this goal by first becoming vegetarian and then vegan before adopting a raw food diet.

Hope this helps!

Linda from

You can't eat just fruit. It doesn't have enough vitamins, or protein or fat or complex carbs. It's not good for you and its not possible for more than a few days unless you really force your body and suffer. How is that natural? Buy local dairy that comes from grassfed, well treated cows. There's nothing wrong with that at all if the cows are healthy, happy, and eating grass all day in the sunshine. And to not want to kill a plant and eat it is absolutely irrational. Plants don't have feelings, and they can't feel pain. I always get a kick out of when vegetarians won't eat meat but they'll eat cheese or yogurt that came from grain fed, sick, confined cows. Just know where your food is coming from, and as long as the animals and the land are not suffering, then what's the problem?

Well in my opinion that is just ridiculous. You don't feel like other creatures should die for you to live? Well I have news for you, creatures Already do die for you to live. There is NO way of getting around it. Every single life from on this planet exists at the expense of another life form. If you took this out of the equation all life would die. In order for something to live, something has to die. Its how the world works whether you like it or not.

If you want to be a vegetarian fine, but a fruititarian that is a different story.

Vegetables also take a multivitamin most diets of what you are talking about are usually lacking a multivitamin will significantly help you get healthy and most aren't made with animal parts

i would not go with just fruit because fruit does not ussually have protien. Try to also eat some dairy to get the protien you need.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grain products, lentils, beans... All good choices!

You are gonna die, trying to save them from dieing LMFAO!!!!!

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