Am I still an omnivore if I choose to eat vegan?!

Question: Am I still an omnivore if I choose to eat vegan?
An omnivorous is defined as eating both plants and animals, but I thought it meant more what a species is CAPABLE of digesting. So am I still omnivorous even if I choose to not eat anything from an animal or am I defined as a herbivore? I always heard it said that humans are omnivores, not "can be whatever they want."

The question came to me when someone told me with a sense of pride "Oh, I couldn't be vegan, I'm a carnivore." I asked him if he ate vegetables or fruit and then pointed out that no, he is an omnivore.


Yes, still an omnivore as you are consuming foods from different groups. Biological specialisations relate to different plant parts eg leaf eaters are folivores aka browsers, grass eaters are herbivores aka grazers, fruit eaters are frugivores, grain eaters are granivores, nectar eaters are nectarivores and those which feed on the sap from trees are called gumnivores. Then if animals eat fungi, which is a different biological kingdom, they are fungivores; bacteria they are bacterivores; and if they eat decaying material they are detritivores. Of the carnivores there are fewer specialisations and the only two I can think of are insectivores and scavengers.

So the terms carnivore, omnivore and herbivore don't reflect dietary specialisation as all the plant eaters are still herbivores and all the animal eaters are still carnivores. But the fact is you won't just be eating plants, you'll also be eating fungi, algae and bacterial food products. The definition of omnivory specifically states animal products, however I think it needs to be updated to reflect the wider range of possibilities available. The fact is we can survive in perfect health without any animal products, or we can survive in perfect health consuming small amounts of animal products; so obviously we are in a grey area between the boundaries of omnivory and herbivory. This is typical of biological relationships, there are always exceptions to the rules and fuzzy boundaries between categories. This is a case where our species occupies one such fuzzy boundary.

vegan biologist

Quite simple, your ability to eat both plant and meat matter means you're omnivore. The choice of consuming one or the other doesn't change your biological ability.
Herbivore: one who can only utilise & digest plant matter
omnivore: capable of both digesting & utilising meat & plant matter, regardless if it has to be cooked we can eat it and digest it
Carnivore: one whos main food source is meat of other animals, though some will show omnivorous adaptions such as eating plants to aid digestion.

Of course there is exceptions to each, but the general overview is that.
Regardless if you choose to eat a plant based diet or a meat based diet (wouldn't advise that) you're still an omnivore


If you only eat vegan you aren't vegan but you would be a strict/pure vegetarian. Unless you ate a purely plant based diet you technically would not be a herbivore and obviously you wouldn't be an omnivore. Omnivores eat both plants and animals. People say and do a lot of things that doesn't make them right unless they are doing good. You cannot do good while exploiting animals or humyns for any reason.

"The word 'veganism' denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practical — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, including humans and the environment.
In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals."

vegan because animals are not property

Humans are omnivorous. Vegetarians and vegans are still omnivores but for some reason or other choose to eat plant foods only. Remember that it at anytime you decide to eat some meat again, you can. True herbivores won't even consider meat a food. They might as well be looking at rocks.

If you want to nit pick over such things, you can say you are an omnivore with an herbivorous diet.

I've always disliked using the terms Omnivore and herbivore to describe a person's diet because I feel like it tries to negate a person's biology.

If humans are omnivores, then eating a plant-based diet does not change that. However, even our intended biology is debatable:…

no no no no no. Humans are NOT omnivore. We can ONLY eat vegetation. We can't even digest meat. The rotten flesh just sits in your intestines and causes cancers. Eating meat even once, sheesh ya might as well just inject a shot of cancer cells into your body. Eating meat or bi products is like playing Russian roulette. You could just have a heart attack right then and there. I can't imagine even being around a place where meat is served. The toxins in the air from the smell could make my body react and give me cancers.


Humans have evolved to the level where we can make choices, so the strict labels don't really apply. Also, there are many who would argue that humans should be classified as herbivores rather than omnivores. You can classify yourself as you please. Good question.

Good question. Humans are omnivores. A cow is a herbivore but if you force fed a cow meat (which they do) the species is still a herbivore and so are the cows that are fed meat. I think it is what your species naturally eats and not what they are currently eating.

If you're vegan you are cutting out all animal products and your food is derived from plants. Therefore you are consuming plants and no animals. You are then a herbivore, not a omnivore.

yes..humans are omnivore because of the GI system and the structure of the teeth, able for tearing, cutting, and grinding.

nevermind everyone is saying no
so idk thats a good question

If you're vegetarian or vegan, you are not an omnivore. If you try pointing out the fact you're still capable of eating meat, well...somebody might slap you.

yes! you, as a species, are an omnomnivoreomnomnomnomnom
BUT. What if milk is the only thing you consume? Are you some form of cannibal? And is it sustainable..

Your biology doesn't change as soon as you stop eating meat. Humans are omnivores and people that say were not are uninformed.

You're an obligate HERBIVORE, actually, who is CAPABLE of omnivorism.



No, you'd be more of a herbivore.

I am agree with you,i think it is healthy.


No you are not..

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