I'm a vegetarian, and am deeply passionate about animals and their rights, but...?!

Question: I'm a vegetarian, and am deeply passionate about animals and their rights, but...?
well, i purposely ate the food, but i had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER there was gelatin in it. i mean, it was a CHOCOLATE CEREAL? i wouldn't have known that...does that make me a bad person? I FEEL SOO guilty! I'm so depressed. I went into my room and stayed there for hours and tried throwing it up, but it didn't work...but does this make me a bad person?


Don't feel guilty. It was an accident, we've all been there. Just don't buy that cereal anymore. And don't throw up, that's not good for you. You're not a bad person, you obviously care a lot about animals. :)

And Taylor, there IS such a thing as Animals Rights.

Don't stress too hard over it - we're all humans, and we all make mistakes. It's difficult to navigate the food landscape when it's so centered on meat and animal products. It's close to inevitable, in fact, that you will consume animal products living in the West.

Just make a note as to where it came from, and walk away being more knowledgeable about your diet.


no you are not a bad person. im am also very passionate about animals as well and i think it is wrong the way people are treating animals these days but truthfully most animals taste freakin delicious, and sorry to correct you animals dont have rights lol only humans.

Why feel guilty, it was an accident? I'm sure the amount of meat in that is extremly minimal.

It was an accident. In the future, read the label BEFORE you start eating.

Its no big deal, it happens to all of us. It was a mistake, no-one is perfect and don't worry about it!

No, you didn't know.

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