Why is there someone impersonating me on the vegan section?!

Question: Why is there someone impersonating me on the vegan section?

Because people who aspire to be cheerleaders, especially Dallas Cowgirl cheerleaders, are easy and fun to make fun of.

Based on your questions and the answers I have read that you posted, who knows? Maybe someone else doesn't have a life either? Get off your computer and do something with your life instead of posting stupid things on Yahoo and answering rudely on peoples questions.

EDIT: I just went to your profile to see if this is just today's answers and questions or what you do everyday and it says you just joined today, how do you figure you are being impersonated?

Just report them as "" ILLEGAL - - impersonation or misrepresentation ""

Don't know. You should report it, though. That'll take care of it.

sorry about that

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