Can seeds and nuts be included in a fruitarian diet?!

Question: Can seeds and nuts be included in a fruitarian diet?
I decided to adopt a fruitarian diet, but I was puzzled on whether or not seeds and nuts can be included in the diet. In botanical terms, seeds and nuts are technically fruits but there are some opposing views from different fruitarians on this topic.

Please answer if you really know the question. If you are against fruitarianism or going to give me an answer that goes in opposition of fruitarianism, please be considerate and post elsewhere. Do to others as you would want done to yourself.


Yes you really need them.
They are still classified as the fruits of the plant.

Nuts including almond, Cashew etc can be included in a fruitarian diet.
But not sure about seeds.
Exactly what type of seed your talking about.

Well I ''really know the question" as you said cus I read it and I say you shouldn't decide to adapt to something before you know at least the very basics such as this.

yeah of course you can add

Fruitarian is just another type of nut, so I'd say it's okay.

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