Why did you decide to be a vegetarian?!

Question: Why did you decide to be a vegetarian?
& Do you regret your decision? Yes/No? Why?


Animal rights for sure, the environment too, and I love how healthy and full of life I feel when I'm not eating meat. Plus, I know there are added health benefits down the line as well so that's a plus though I'm currently 17 so that didn't have much influence on my choice when I switched a few years ago.

I don't regret my decision! I'm more aware of what I'm eating, I feel better, I'm eating better even since I know I need to ensure I'm getting all of my nutrients which is a plus. There are plenty of things out there that can be substituted (though I personally have only tried veggie burgers in restaurants no other substitutes thus far since they just don't appeal to me) plus even from a really young age I didn't enjoy the taste of meat or where it came from, etc. Knowing that my not eating meat saves about 100 animals per year makes me feel good. :)

When I was about 7 years old I was reading a cookbook of my grandmothers and it said rabbit in it, as a seven year old girl with vegetarian parents I was horrified and decided there and then I would never eat any animal again. I am pleased I made that decision, I admit I like the attention - people are always surprised when I tell them and ask me the same questions you are. Maybe it's just where I live but there isn't many vegetarians, at my primary school I was the only one! They had to make a special meal just for me. I can survive without hurting any animal so I see no need to hurt one. I would also put on a lot of weight if I ate meat. Sometimes I crave BBQ ribs and I'm not sure why but either way, I'm still vegetarian. It has its good points and bad but I could never imagine eating meat now - it's a good decision, you save a lot of animals a lot of pain and you are healthier, in my opinion.

I am 15 and I decided to become a vegetarian for health and love reasons. It is very easy to lose weight if you are one. I became a vegetarian in August and I have lost 32 pounds and I didn't really exercise. Becoming one would really help weight loss. Second I really do love animals. First of all, why do animals have to go through a gore and painful death just for a human's satisfaction when they didnt do anything to anyone? They deserve to live their lives and not be killed for a human to have a good meal. It truly does disgust me that the fact that people dont care about these situations. People need to open their eyes and realize how life is being treated just for somone else.

? Because I love animals and loathe animal cruelty. I’ve cried over too many horrible videos/documentaries. ... ? I hate how industrialization and the need to speed up the production of meat & produce makes companies ... ? I was a HEAVY and sickly kid, being vegetarian made my immune system be...

First time around it was for animal welfare reasons.

Second time around it was originally to lose weight, but I felt so much healthier vegan that I just stayed that way. And I've now come to do it for animal welfare reasons too.

I think anyone who regrets it just goes back to eating meat TBH.

Animal cruelty, i saw films of a slaugherhouse and was so horrified that from that moment i never ate meat again. I could not call myself an animal lover and then eat them. Since then my health has benifited, so that was an added bonus. I would never start to eat meat again.

i hate animal cruelty, i want to change. i also found this video on the internet which really set me off i'll give you the link but i have to warn you, it's pretty graphic. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hiddenfaceoffood.com%2F&h=9af68

Because my love for animals. I became one when I was 6, I became vegan about a month ago. (Im 17 now)

B'coz I feel good. and FEELING is most important to tell us what to do and what not to.

I saw something shocking in the news. No regrets

I Didnt

going to get a burger no time to answer

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