Absolute favorite vegetarian food or meal?!

Question: Absolute favorite vegetarian food or meal?
What is your favorite thing to treat yourself with? It can be a specific food or meal.
Personally I'm a fan of alot of things, but a marinated and grilled portobello sandwhich with all the fixins really makes me happy!

What do you like?


I know it's a little boring, but i really like quorn spaghetti bolegnese and quorn chili con carne:)

This is the most simple meal, and my favorite. I cook some brown rice, and then mix in vegetarian, organic refried beans. After that I add salsa, tofu, avocado and a hint of cheese. It's super simple and tastes amazing. Make sure to mix all the ingredients together really well, it makes a thick clumped together texture. It also tastes really good as a dip, or inside a pita.

I'm a taco freak. I love bean tacos. I prepare the beans with chili powder, cumin, onion and garlic, then pile on the vegetables (and sometimes rice in a burrito), add cheese or avocado, etc. It can be pretty healthy depending on what you add. I load up on lettuce, tomato, beans and peppers, and keep the cheese to a minimum. It's still wonderful.

Stir fried veegtables with cashews and egg fried rice!

Is it pescatarian if you eat fish and prawns? well whatever my veyr favourite meal would hvae to be - fish burgers or prawns in a coconut sauce with rice.

but my VERY favourite vegetaran recipes are - potatoe gratan with cheese (YUM!) or lentil soup with potaoes, lentils, carrots, leeks etc etc... and some soda bread with butter!!

I think im planning to make myself one of thoose meals... the potatoe gratan.. i need soem carbs and fat!! haha

I love these cannellini bean patties I make. They're so good with mustard on top. Also vegetarian chili make with faux ground meat and kidney beans and some Greek yogurt on top . . .ok, I'm getting hungry now.

My homemade mushroom curries, vegetable stir fries and jacket potatoes with hummus.

I'm not a vegetarian but I love boiled okra, and squash.

BBQ tempeh.

Quinoa salad!

vegetable pizza with peppers and caramelized onion

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