Is fried zucchini unhealthy?!

Question: Is fried zucchini unhealthy?

As a rule, anything fried is unhealthy.

No, it's courgette plus a little bit of oil. Unhealthy is a concept.

Apples are unhealthy if you eat 5000 of them daily. In which case, it's not the apples that are unhealthy, but the way you are eating them.

Fried zucchini is fine.

If the oil is clean, not burned and fresh, and if the temperature is high enough it should be no problem. as long as it is not a big part of your daily diet.
The batter that some use is the unhealthy bit. Sucks up oil and is high om carbos from the flour.

The zucchini is healthy, but the grease you fried it in is unhealthy, which therefore makes the whole thing unhealthy.

Everything fried is unhealthy the heat needed to get oil up to fry temperature changes the oil to bad fat for your heart and arteries.

Anything fried in oil is high in fat, especially if it's peanut or an animal based oil. You could try pan frying it in olive or canola oil to cut down on the fat.

The fried part is. The zucchini part is great.

In moderation its very healthy. And very tasty.

Possibly, it depends on what you ate during the day. It is fried though, so try and eat a (raw?) zucchini next time

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