Can someone put together a healthy vegetarian meal plan for me?!

Question: Can someone put together a healthy vegetarian meal plan for me?
I have trouble sticking to vegetarianism because the lack of knowlege I have on what to eat and what not to eat. Can someone heelp me out?


I'll give you some ideas then I'll link you to my favorite websites for recipes.

Day 1)

-Leafy green smoothie
-Oatmeal with crushed flax seeds and dried fruit

-Mediterranean salad with celery, garbanzo beans, olives, spring onions, diced tomatoes.
-Lemon Quinoa Pilaf with Saffron threads
-Toasted Pita with Muhamarra (Hot pepper dip - a Syrian specialty)

-Jacket potatoes with any filling of your choice (usually include nutritional yeast for B12).
-Collard green salad.

-Carrots, celery, pita and hummus
-Raspberries with agave nectar.
-Almond milk.

Day 2)

-Banana + mango + hemp + soy milk smoothie.
-Brown toast with almond butter, flax seeds, wheat germ and jam

-Tacos made with ground tempeh instead of ground meat.
-Brown/wild rice with pine nuts
-Raw kale salad with a zesty lemon sauce

-Soba noodle soup with shiitake mushrooms and flavored Seitan
-Raw sesame seaweed salad
-Sweet potatoes

-Home-made corn chips with guacamole + salsa
-Brazilian nuts
-Raw chocolate mousse tart

Day 3)

-Raw granola with oat milk and spices.
-Fruit salad

-"BLT" salad with smoked tempeh, vegenaise, tomatoes, lettuce and croutons
-Pita sandwich with spinach-chickpea spread.

-Turkish red lentil soup
-Kisir (Turkish tabbouleh) salad.

-Raw chocolate/coconut treats
-Walnuts, pumpkin seeds
-Soy milk

I hope you get the picture. Varied food... fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, leafy greens, seeds, nuts, legumes/beans, whole grains, Seitan, some soy. Raw desserts, raw salads...

Can't go wrong with that.

Favorite websites:

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eat 6 meals per day

rice and beans oats and fruit and yogurt nuts and seeds fruit and veggies turkey bugger

NO! you can't just boss me around like that and tell me what to do! I WON'T make a meal plan for you!

Yes, someone can.

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