Vegan and B12, what food to eat?!

Question: Vegan and B12, what food to eat?
I've been debating going vegan, but from some research, b12 vitamin seems to be one of the vitamins lacking in a vegan diet. What do you guys eat for your b12? What are good examples of "fortified cereal" that supply a sufficient amount of b12 for vegans?


You will not lack any vitamins or minerals in a vegan diet if you do it sensibly.
I can recommend the Vegetarian & Vegan Society website - they have a wallchart that gives all the best sources of each nutrient.
The following are the best sources of vitamin B12

Soya Milks
Yeast Extract - eg Marmite
Breakfast cereals - most
Margarine type spreads
Mock Meats

Go for it!

Totally vegan for many years and very fit and healthy

I don't know about cereal, I don't really eat it. But other products are fortified, such as meat analogues (eg vegie hotdogs) soy milks, nutritional yeast etc. You can also get it from natural products like nori and chlorella. If you eat vegan sushi rolls you will be getting B12 that way, I think a single roll contains about 20% of the RDI. I'm not sure as the study I read referred to the entire sheet but I'm not sure how many rolls they make from one sheet.

vegan biologist

I'm with you. Any diet that is necessary for you to take supplements or eat fortified foods is not a diet for me.

Nope. Someone who eats fortified soy milk or cereal gets plenty of B12.

I don't know specific cereals- read labels.

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