I've got a few questions about being vegetarian?!

Question: I've got a few questions about being vegetarian?
1)what are the most common reasons why people become vegetarian?
2)Does being vegetarian mean you can't wear leather, if so what kind of shoes would you wear for school ect ? :S lol.
3)Are vegetarians allowed to eat dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurts eggs and so on.
4) Can you eat pizza?
5) What is it called if you don't eat meat but you wear leather shoes and eat dairy products?
6)So, does being a vegetarian mean you can't eat strawberry yogurts (just wondering because I'm trying to become a vegetarian after hearing some things i've heard about meat ect.


1) I haven't been able to eat meat since I was born, stomach enzymes cannot digest meat in my stomach, I have tried to eat it and have always ended up throwing it up.
2) Not necessarily, I have a leather couch, leather basketball shoes and work boots, leather jackets, and leather in all of my cars.
3) Yes I eat cheese, milk. My favorite dairy is brie and bleu cheese, haha. I do not eat eggs, I am able to keep them down, but I do not feel good.
4) Yes I eat pizza, you can order pizza with vegetables, my friends actually find the vegetarian pizza tasty and order it for themselves sometimes.
5) Still a vegetarian. I never understood why people deny leather products, as long as others are able to eat meat, shouldn't we use the remainder of animal products rather than wasting them.
6)Nope eat as much strawberry yogurt as your heart desires.

There will be a lack of protein in your diet, so please supplement with whey protein shakes. I would not recommend soy protein as people complain it causes bloating, although I have not had a problem. Just find a shake and replace part of your breakfast with it.

Have fun and email if you still have questions.

You need to decide what kind of vegetarian you want to be. There are so many kinds that it's really sort of a joke. Most vegetarians around the world are ovo-lacto vegetarians (meaning they eat eggs and dairy products.) Then you have flexiterians, freegans, vegans, pescetarians, poloterians....you get the drift. Depend on the gang you want to join:

1. Animal rights or health--depending on the gang
2. Maybe you can wear leather....depends on your gang They wear plastic...much worse environmentally than leather
3. Ovo lacto vegetarians can eat dairy products
4. Depends on your gang.
5. All gangs except vegans...and maybe freegans
6. All gangs except vegans and maybe freegans can eat yogurt of all kinds

Don't believe everything you have heard about meat. My guess is that you're pretty healthy and have eaten meat all your life. Do your research from sites other than PETA, HSUS, veg websites, etc.

1. Ethical, environmental, preference.
2. You can wear leather if you are vegetarian. It's your choice. There are plenty of other options.
3. EGGS ARE NOT DAIRY. Dairy refers to milk and chickens don't give milk. Vegetarians can consume all the things you listed.
4. As long as it doesn't contain meat.
5. Vegetarian!
6. If the yogurt is vegetarian you can eat it and still call yourself a vegetarian. If it contains gelatin, it is not vegetarian.

Its not a club......there aren't any rules.......you have to decide what you want to do based on the facts.
Eg would you be happy wearing leather if the animal died of natural causes rather than slaughtered............there are no easy answers.

Being a vegetarian means you can't eat meat. Being vegan means no dairy, cheese, eggs. Etc.

Vegetarian means you only eat plant based food.
Let's go orderly.
1. People care about animals and the planet or they do it for health reasons.
2. Vegans don't consume milk or butter or anything from an animal. A vegetarian can eat milk because it doesn't kill an animal. Vegans who are political would also refuse to use animal products that leaves you with vinyl or canvas for shoes doesn't it? You can pay an arm and a leg for sandals made of hemp and stuff like that.
3.Answered in one and two.
4.Yes but you need to know if there is animal based product in the sauce like anchovies or sausage
fat or whatever. Make your own food you can have nearly anything.
5. Non- political vegetarian
6. You can have strawberry yogurt you have to be able to read and understand labels to know if there are meat products used in them.

FYI gelatin comes from animal hooves and from seaweed, mostly from animal hooves you have to do your research if you are going to be a strict vegetarian.

I've been around awhile

One by one
1) Religion - most of the world's vegetarians are because of religious upbringing. In the West, (where I assume you are from) you can classify it into three major categories a) "cool" fad b) animal rights issues c) health reasons
2) Wearing of clothes does not affect the meaning of "vegetarian" because it refers to diet only( read: what you eat). You can wear a whole cow and still be "vegetarian" if you don't eat meat.
3) Nothing and no one "allows" what vegetarians "can" eat. Vegetarians are defined by what they choose to eat (not choose to eat) not because they follow some set of rules. "Vegetarian" merely describes a diet not dictates how a person must eat.
4) Again with the "can" eat. People can eat whatever they want within reason. People who eat pizza without without meat toppings (assuming they also do not eat meat otherwise) are called vegetarians
5) You are still called a "vegetarian" because dairy is an accepted part of a vegetarian diet.
6) Again being a vegetarians means you follow a diet that does not include meat or (expanded to include) slaughter by products. Some fanatic vegetarians will say "you can't call yourself a vegetarian because.." because for some reason they want to keep the label "exclusive" according to their own terms. Most people won't really care what you eat, won't even care if you are a vegetarian or not, much less a "true vegetarian" as defined by the fanatics.

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