Healthy eaters - how often do you have a treat?!

Question: Healthy eaters - how often do you have a treat?
I'm looking for answers from people who eat very healthy.

How often do you allow yourself a treat? By treat I mean something like cookies, ice cream, chips, etc.

Once a week? Once a month?

And do you eat your treat when you feel like it or is it only allowed at the scheduled time/day?



I have a treat on Sundays (chocolate or cake or ice cream, etc) and sometimes I might have a treat during the week, but not very often. :)

I tend to treat ( sorry..) tea with soymilk and sugar as a treat. Because I can live off that stuff. I love it.

If I'm going to think of a Battenberg roll as a treat to be given when I've been good, or deserve a treat, I'd be in trouble..and I have to NOT think of cookies or cake as something nice for a reward.

Yes, a scheduled time is best- otherwise it goes into the vast cauldron of the day with no flagpole to mark it.

The treat is given every day.

IDK if you consider veganism healthy, but I am. I allow myself a sugary treat once a week as long as it's raw sugar; refined is filtered thru bone char.
Last week it was a homemade vegan chocolate cake without frosting. I don't like frosting. I ate about 4 pieces in 2 days. Usually when I bake it lasts around 2 - 3 days around here. My family helps me eat it.
The week before that it was vegan vanilla ice cream.
I think that a person needs a balance between sugars and salts in their diet. Especially if one eats a lot of spicy food such as myself.

If by "treat" you mean something along the lines of a slice of raw chocolate mousse "pie" (that uses crushed walnuts, coconut flakes, dates as a base, and cocoa powder, date, agave nectar and avocado as a filling, with topped strawberries and raspberries), then my answer is every day.

Other days it might be something else. But all my treats are healthy. ;) Even the cooked kind.…
Watch this. Coconut Cake with Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce and Cashew Kream. Yum!

I eat raw vegan ice cream only on holidays and my birthday. Same with the rawV cookies. Only then, because I stay as strictly healthy as I can.

I eat a snack every other or less days.. I also treat myself to a sunday(ice-cream) on Sundays.... :)

I once new a body builder, he hadn't eaten a cookie in 6 years.

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