How can i sneak food into my room?!

Question: How can i sneak food into my room?
I am in bed and i am soooo hungry!! Buti cant get food because my mum is on the phone in the kitchen downstairs and she is really angry!! I dont know why she is angry. Please help me!!!! :S


Go to sleep then you wont be hungry....

the easiest way would be through the door, but if that doesn't work, climb out the windown go get some from a neighbor and then you can bring it back into your room through the same window.

you can act like an adult, excuse yourself and ask your mom if you could please get yourself a snack.

phone a friend to knock on your front door and run away (or I guess, even do that yourself if you can sneak out your window). when your mom goes to answer the door, zoom into the kitchen and nick some food and then zoom back to your room. hope you get something good! she on a landline? you could pull the cord out of the wall and create a distraction and while shes working on that grab some food and run back to your room...the same maybe with electricity...flip the breaker and turn everything off lol..deny you had anything to do with it

Why do you have to sneak food into your room are you not aloud to eat for some reason, have you eaten already or are you sent to bed with not dinner.

If is is none of the above go straight down, do not make eye contact and make something with minimum noise!!

if its a cordless/mobile phone she'll probably move out the kitchen if you enter it so she can carry on her conversation in private, she may be having a rant to a friend. so then you are free to fill your pockets!

If you have the "munchies" good luck, otherwise just wait her out.

11 minutes has passed. Please pluck up the courage and go take your provisions from the cool box.

Socks, cut out a book and put the food inside.....

ok well try to go in the kitchen when she is not there and put food in your pocket

install intercom where it's needed'

pretend to get a drink of water, and then sneak some food when she turns away

wait till she goes to the restroom or leaves

dildos DO contain nutrients, by the way

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