Are those gross looking, fused together potatoes sold in paper sacks GMO in origin.?!

Question: Are those gross looking, fused together potatoes sold in paper sacks GMO in origin.?
Maybe you have seen them, they look like a pair of breasts or a pair of feet, sometimes three or even four potatoes fused into one ( this is the stuff that the food industries are trying to pass off as nourishment nowadays). They are in white paper sacks for the most part, so the customer will not be able to see what they are purchasing. I'm certain some of them have been sold on ebay as curiosity pieces. Do you think they are Frankenfood?


No mate, potatoes are weird creatures. They do grow into such monstrous shapes that the makers of movies should look in for the inspiration for their next horror or Sci-Fi features.

Doctor of Orthomolecular Science

"Fused-together potatoes?" No, potatoes aren't always perfectly round, long, and shaped. It is normal to see a potato look like that.

Here :…

Aggregate fruits, such as blackberries and raspberries, tubers like potatoes and radishes, etc. can grow in clusters. The flowers that produce fruit clusters have multiple pistil organs, which are fused together. As a result, the fruit cluster grows out of one flower and each piece of fruit in the cluster contains a single seed. In the case of blackberries, each cluster appears as multiple pieces, or drupes of fruit stuck together. Technically speaking, each cluster is considered a single fruit with aggregate, or fused pieces. In effect, the arrangement of the seeds inside the cluster reflects the arrangement of the ovules inside the pistils at the start of development.

I haven't seen such potatoes. I think it depends on where you live if GMO is legal or not. Potatoes can naturally grow together. I have seen an organic orange that fused with another orange. I doubt that they are Frankenfood.

Probably not. A lot of potatoes are naturally weird-looking. Although potatoes eventually became a staple crop in the old world, European explorers were initially put-off and grossed out by funny-looking potatoes.

"Frankenfood" is not the most productive or reasonable way to think about GMOs. They're no more likely to be funny-looking than organic veggies. GMOs are not inherently bad or unhealthy or harmful.

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