Am I weird if I'm a Buddhist and a vegan?!

Question: Am I weird if I'm a Buddhist and a vegan?

Well, to omnivore Christians, I'm sure that gives you an extra layer of weirdness, cuz many of them don't know what either of those mean. But there's a good tradition among Buddhists of vegetarianism and veganism. Buddhist monks are vegan, I know (but that might be like Christian monks being celibate but not average Christians).

Exhibit A is a Buddhist-punk book I looked through at the bookstore, it advocated a Buddhism that allowed omnivores, so if that's a big enough issue than you're fine.

Only if you think so. It doesn't matter what others think ,what matters is what you think, what you do and how you do it.

Zen, Zen is not a religion it is the way of unconditioned thinking.Those who make it a religion have been conditioned.

No. Why would it be? Compassion for all things is definitely a Buddhist value, and veganism is definitely one way to express that. I think the two traits are quite harmonious.

If you are asking this methink you do not have awareness of what Buddhism is.

No, you are not. Please explain why'd you think that?

I would not think so, but if you are actually defining yourself as a Buddhist then it is very weird that you are asking this question.

No, most Buddhists are vegetarian or vegan..

Yes little grasshopper.

It would be more wierd if you were catholic and went around smacking nuns!

You're NORMAL!

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