Vegetarians...what vegetarian option do you NOT want to see on a menu?!

Question: Vegetarians...what vegetarian option do you NOT want to see on a menu?
I'm putting a new menu together. What dish makes you groan with boredom when you see it?


Somebody mentioned that they'd rather a list of the vegetables than a simple "veggie burger". I agree. I'd far rather read "Portobello mushroom, pumpkin and chickpea roast" than "veggie roast".
Although, personally, I dislike mushrooms, chickpeas, and pumpkin.

Anything with, animals in it. I don't groan with boredom I groan with disgust at the fact people actually eat other beings and consider it ok. I also groan with the fact I thought it was ok for many years because my parents didn't have the brains to figure these things out and tell me. Vegan cooking is so much more vibrant and exciting and better for the animals as well as the planet and humyns.

I get bored with a lot of salads and regular old crappy french fries with nothing exciting about them. I also tend to get bored with hummus sandwiches and standard things like that.

I am currently working on two different menus one for a vegan burger joint and another for a fancier sit down place. So if you are looking for some ideas I am more than happy to help out. As a chef and hopefully sometime in the future a restaurant owner/operator and a graphic designer I love making menus and working all of that out.

Vegan because animals are not property

I always look at the vegetarian option when I do not feel like eating meat and to be honest I feel for vegetarians eating out when most restaurants have poor show of options.

There are many dishes that are tasty and wholesome but they just stick the dull and dreary, maybe if you phone in and pre order a better meal may be an better option. I just stick to indian and Mediterranean cooking to get nice vegetable meals!!

I think some restaurants are a little bit clueless when it comes to vegetarian and vegan options.

I went to a restaurant that clearly would mark "vegetarian" for the items that they claimed were in fact so. There was some "coconut rice" that was marked "vegetarian", and I was looking at the ingredients listed underneath to find out if it was suitable for vegans. You know what was in it? CHICKEN! Apparently eating chicken makes someone a vegetarian, I learn something new every day, lol.

"veggie sandwich"

anything labelled "veggie"

( veggie burger, veggie burrito, veggie pizza, veggie lasagna)

yeh, can they not type "vegetarian" or just say what is in the food?
I want to know what it is- there could be onions, broccoli, corn, pumpkin, peppers, mushrooms.
Not all vegetables are the same. It's saying "meat pizza".
Not a good restaurant. If you can't honour delicious vegetables and foods with their names and purpose in life, don't bother.

Every entree is paired with a pile of broccoli.

BTW, unlike another reply I've no problem with "veggie" -- if it is needed to differentiate a vegetarian version from a non-vegetarian version of a dish. E.g. Veggie Pad Thai, if the restraunt also serves Pad Thai with shrimp. A veggie burger is ok for fast food, it just isn't fine dining.

Anything made with TSP (textured soya protein) or TVP (textured vegetable protein), such as vegetarian sausage, mince, chicken and fish, etc. Also, when I stayed at the Marriott in Budapest I ate the innocent-sounding 'Breakfast Potatoes'. I spat them out and asked the waiter, " Is there meat in this?" and the waiter said, "No. Only pork."

Yeah I don't want to see a "veggie burger" made w/ egg whites or dairy. I don't want to have bread w/ whey, egg, milk, or lacto anything in it.
I don't want to have French fries fried in w/ the meat, egg, or dairy products.
I don't want butter w/ dairy in it.
I don't want sodapop.
Thanks for asking. :D


Definitely the "veggie" sandwich. SO BORING! If you want people to buy a vegetarian sandwich you should get creative with it! Oh, and if a salad is the only vegetarian option. And when every vegetarian option is loaded with eggs and cheese.

I hate when my only option is a hugely over priced salad and /or hot chips.
The only pizza option being margarita.
And the abundance of pesto in things, like they don't have to put any substance in anything because it has pesto.

I love raw, vegan nachos though... always a winner!

I like it when they actually tell you what ingredients are in the dishes. I am a vegetarian but I don't like stuff like vegetarian burgers which are made out of spring onions, peas and carrots etc. UGH!
I prefer soya protein meals :')

Fish - that happens a lot
Everything with cheese. - It's a bit un-imaginative, and think of the poor starving Vegans ;-)
Stir Frys with Oyster sauce

Fried rice with bacon bits
Salad with bacon bits
Fish, Chicken

I've seen all listed as vegetarian options

Veggie burgers & House salad! Sometimes there are my only options :/ ..

But, I love veggie sandwhiches with things like eggplant,portobello mushroom,etc!

^I love all those. I'm thrilled when I find a restaurant with them.

Meat is my answer.


Mac 'n' cheese. Again, and again, and again..........

Any dish that relies solely on its cheese content.

Pasta with napoli sauce and vegetables. So boring. So easy to make at home. I love pasta, but why not something more inspiring?

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