Vegan options at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse?!

Question: Vegan options at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse?
Now I know a vegan shouldn't be going to a steakhouse but I'm going with my friend and his family so I don't have much of a choice. Aside from salad is there anything else I can have them create for me? I haven't been there before.

Thanks :)


Generally, steak houses also offer pasta dishes, although the noodles may be made with eggs. If not, ask them to add a side of vegetables to your pasta.

Otherwise, try ordering a variety of side dishes, such as a baked potato and a side of steamed vegetables.

I'm a vegetarian and my family likes to go to steak houses, so I know it can be tough. A word of advice: don't go starving. Eat a little something before you go out for dinner, just in case the options aren't so great.

Have a great time!

Linda from

Other than the salads, have a nice glass of ice water.

Why don't you ask the restaurant instead and ask them if they will prepare something on request. It will cost extra though.

Eat a steak.

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