Is Milk veg or non-veg?!

Question: Is Milk veg or non-veg?
I had a question in my mind that in which category {veg or nonveg} we can add milk?


Actually, it depends on where does the milk come from. The milk will be a non-veg if it came from cow or from the goat. And it will be a veg, if it came from the coconut.

It depends on what kind of veg you are. Around the world, most vegetarians are ovo-lacto vegetarians, meaning they don't eat meat but do eat eggs and dairy products. So if you're an ovo lacto vegetarian, yes, milk is ok. Frankly, "vegetarian" has become kind of a joke. There are ovo lacto vegetarians, flexiterians, pescetarians, poloterians, vegans, freegans.....

You get the idea?

Daisy, does that mean Christianity is also a joke, because there are catholics, protestants, lutherans, baptists, presbytarians and many more? Try going to a really religious place and calling Christianity a joke, see how long you last. There are different degrees of everything in life, including idiots like you.

To the OP, milk is vegetarian but not vegan.

Milk from an animal is vegetarian but not vegan. Vegan's do not consume any form of meat or any animal product such as dairy, eggs, leather, fur. Soy milk, Almond milk, Hemp milk, Rice milk, and other milks not from an animal is vegetarian and vegan.

Vegans do not drink milk or anything that comes from an animal, they have other options like soy milk & I think rice milk is fine & there are lots of healthy & delicious alternatives for vegos.
Vegetarianss usually only don't eat meat so they still drink milk, eat eggs & other things vegans don't

To some, it is vegetarian. Enjoy your nice cold glass of pus, blood, antibiotic residue, female sex hormones (estrogens and progesterones), and feces. Yes, these mentioned are in cow milk. Drink up!


Vegetarian = Do NOT eat animals, but eat what they make. Like they don't eat cows, but they DO drink their milk.

Vegan: Do NOT eat animals OR what the animals make.

Hope I helped!! xx

Veg. Vegetarians do not consume that which results from the slaughter of an animal. Since milk does not come from dead cows, by definition it is acceptable.

Vegetarian yes, Vegan, no

Ex Vegetarian become Vegan

is not veg,if you are %100 vegan you should not eat anything that comes from animals.

I have a few Vegan friends.

It is most definitely not a vegetable

it is completly veg.



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