What's your favorite veggie meat?!

Question: What's your favorite veggie meat?

Just wondering what is the best veggie chicken/steak you've had?

I like the veggie chicken from Quorn & Gardein. I use to love the veggie steak from Morning Star but they stopped making it because it wasn't one of their "'popular" products!

Just wondering what other people recommend? I am trying to find a chicken that can be crispy and good with sauces? Like for a stir fry!

Oh & how is tofu? I've never tried it and I'm kind of nervous about it! How does it taste?
Thank you :)


Tofu is typically pretty good. It depends on the brand, what type of texture your prefer (ranges from firm to soft), and the sauce it is served with.

Try tofu multiple times. I hated it the first time I had it, then realized I just prefer a different type of tofu!

Also, I love Quoron it. In my opinion, it's the best vegetarian chicken substitute. Morningstar is also a pretty good brand.

Boca is excellent all around and makes vegetarian chicken, as well as beef substitutes. My boyfriend, who is not a vegetarian, loves their products.

Smart Deli makes great vegetarian deli meats that I love to use for vegetarian sandwiches for extra protein and flavor. This link can give you some ideas for vegetarian sandwiches with meat substitutes: http://www.recipes-for-vegetarians.com/v…

When it comes to meat substitutes, just try a wide variety of brands. Some will be great, others not so much.

I hope this is helpful!

Linda from Recipes-for-Vegetarians.com


The only time I'll have a bite of any commercial fake "veggie" meat is when I'm eating out at an Asian restaurant. But otherwise I'd say organic tempeh is my favorite kind because of how versatile it is. I buy the unflavored kind because I prefer spicing/flavoring it on my own. You can grind it up, season it, and use it as a replacement for ground beef in tacos, you can cut it into thin strips and fry it in a maple syrup glaze to taste like bacon, or you can season it with Cajun spices, tabasco sauce and make Tempeh Jambalaya!

I don't like any of the commercial fake meats - they all try too hard to be like the real thing. As for Quorn, it's only been available in Australia for a few months and I find it rubbery and repulsive. My choice would be tempeh, in any form or cooking style. Also, I shop at an Asian vegetarian shop that sells all types of 'mock' meats - most look pretty disgusting and are also trying to be meat. But there is one product that is delicious... the mysteriously named "Vegan Fried G" which appears to be made from mainly soy and wheat protein. Delicious, morish little chewy pieces that are great with fried rice, stir fries, etc.

Morning Star Farms Chicken patties are my fav. The regular brands of tofu that you find in your grocery store are pretty good, there are different kinds though. If your using as a cheese substitute for a dessert or something get the soft. If your cooking a chinese meal than buy the firm tofu...you can cut it with a knife into strips or cubes. It will tast like whatever you season it with. You most likely won't like it plain.

I love veggie fish. <3

Tofu is really good, especially if you cook it the right way. Ma po tofu, ,kung pao tofu, and spicy soft tofu soup are my top three favourite tofu dishes.

What's the best brand of tofu is entirely subjective. In my opinion, I like Vietnamese tofu the best, followed by Korean silken tofu.

I get plain seitan, tofu or tempeh and use them in a wide variety of ways.

I love tofu. It can take on many different flavors and textures depending on how it is prepared. When someone knows how to cook it right, it can be divine.

There is a brand called "Wildwood" which makes sprouted tofu, which is premarinated. I slice it up and it it cold. It is kind of expensive, but really worth it because it is delicious. Whole foods has it.

Gardein's mandarin chicken or their other "chicken" products. Good stuff. The mandarin chicken can be fried in a little olive oil until it's crispy and put over brown rice. This is the stir-fry you wanted.

Best brand of tofu doesn't matter, but make sure it says a good source of calcium on it, especially if you're vegan like me. It tastes like soybeans bc that's what it is. Nothing to be afraid of! :)

I love Gardein! It is by far my favorite and it has such a high source of protein and is so tasty. It is really good for you. I also love Quorn like you but nothing beats Gardein.

Tofu can taste like a variety of things, depending on what you cook it with. It doesn't have strong flavor and can be tasteless at times. It's good .

AFCtrading- do the best baked tofu.
It's amazing and really delicious straight from the packet. I am kind of addicted to it.
Really addicted.
Google the name= afctrading, you'll see what it looks like, you can get it at good Thai and Chinese markets.

MY favourite vegetarian food, I don't eat meat or need a substitute meat is either that baked tofu or a stewed gluten thing in a blue can called "Mock DUck"- google it, you can get it for a dollar at any chinese or thai shop. It's really really good. With gravy in the can...

Tofu is wonderful but please get fresh tofu. Don't get the stuff you see in white tubs in the supermarket- go to a real Thai, CHinese or Korean market and get FRESH tofu.

Fresh tofu is moist, steaming hot ( if you're lucky enough to get it when it's just been made)
dense and dryish on the outside. The plasticky stuff in those white tubs isn't fresh and the texture is sloppy and a bit like pate.

Fresh tofu is like fresh white bread- it pulls apart like bread, and has a holey, dense, thick texture, and the smell is like nutty, beany and mildly bread-like.
The taste is a fresh moist steaming nutty frangrance with an earthy bite and brilliantly breadish aftertaste. As you're eating it, it's got the taste of the fresh soybean- which is quite nutty to taste.
It's a wonderful food, fresh tofu, and worth going across town to get.
Don't get the stuff in the white square tubs- it's like comparing tootsie rolls to Lindor truffles.

Fresh tofu has many brands- it doesn't matter, fresh is fresh- like fresh bread.
It'll look like a slab of white cheese, a big slab, covered in saran wrap ( clingfilm) on a shelf in the fridge aisle.
Look for bright white fresh tofu- if there's any with yellowy spots on it- don't get that one.
You can keep fresh tofu for a few days, in the fridge- keep re-wrapping it. THen after a few days you'll have eaten it all. Or if not, put the remaining tofu in a bowl of water and cover it with wrap.

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