Vegans and vegetarians, what is are your thoughts on vat grown meat?!

Question: Vegans and vegetarians, what is are your thoughts on vat grown meat?
If vat grown meat was commercially available, would it be acceptable for a vegan to eat it? This is assuming that you could get the genetic material the same way that the cops do, via a cheek swab, and that is a way that would not cause any harm to the animal. I'm sincerely curious as to what vegans/vegetarians think about the prospect of vat grown bacon.


I find the idea a bit grotesque, unnatural and I wouldn't eat it. I would welcome the concept for others because it lessens animal cruelty. I'd stick with vegan because I am happy how I am and don't have a desire for meat.

I never liked meat (the fat, the texture, the taste) and really dislike most fake meats (too meaty). So, no, I wouldn't eat vat grown meat. For that matter, I probably wouldn't eat vat grown vegetables either.

Animal exploitation, technically that's what it is. In that case a vegan wouldn't touch it.

It certainly would remove the cruelty aspect, but I dunno...that's really unnatural, and the idea really does nothing for my appetite.

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