How Do You Say Vegan?!

Question: How Do You Say Vegan?
I am a vegan, however i do not know any other vegans... So i dont really have any personal vegan friends to ask on the matter...

I always pronounce it v(ay)gan however i hear many people say v(ee)gan... So which is the correct pronunciation


It's VEE-gan. I know lots of vegans, but you can watch some YouTube videos about it if you don't believe me. That's what I do when I can't pronounce names or common words!

I've always hear it as vee-gan. If it were vaygan then I'd expect it'd be spelled "veagan."

im vegan and i say it like veegan however my dad says vaygan and it bugs me .. your choice! like tomato i assume

It's vee gan


If you were in Australia and said vaygan, some clown would come back with "did you say VAYgan or GAYgan?"!

as said Veegan

vEEgan is correct. Just dont eat meat. Not too hard. Just make sure ur getting enough nutrients though

second one

I say it like the ee version:)

Weird, I've always heard it the first way.
Either way, I think people will understand you.

vee gin

i try not using the word, I don't like the word.

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